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Anse Dizac beach

Beach at Diamant, Martinique

  • Icone étoile Rating : 4/5
  • Icone étoile Type of sand : White
  • Icone information Attendance : Medium

Anse dizac, better known as Grande Anse du diamant, is located in the southwest of the island of Martinique. The diamond beach is indeed, a diamond... It is one of the most famous beaches of the island. With more than 3 kilometers of warm and blond sand, it is easy to find some peace and quiet.

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It also offers a lot of shaded areas thanks to its lush tropical vegetation where grape trees and coconut trees are intermingled. Settle down on a hammock hung on two specimens of coconut tree, to enjoy the panorama. The Caribbean Sea, the Morne Larcher, as well as the famous Diamond Rock are to be discovered.

The place is popular with surfing enthusiasts, simply because the current creates large wave rollers. Therefore, water sports, such as surfing or bodyboarding are easily affordable. That's why swimming in the open sea is quite dangerous. So it's best to stay where you are. Do not hesitate to swim with fins and be careful, especially if your children accompany you.

Dizac Cove is a paradise for lovers! Couples love to walk directly on the seashore: their feet sinking into the blond sand, caressed by small waves of turquoise water.

A huge pontoon in the center of the beach allows you, once arrived at the end, to appreciate the size of the place. Moreover, this corner is ideal to take beautiful photographs worthy of postcards. To get there, nothing could be easier than accessing the seaside road.

To satisfy your appetite, picnic tables line the 6 kilometers of beach. There is also a restaurant not far from the pier. 6 large parking lots, generally shaded, are located at the 6 entrances of the beach.

The city of Le Diamant in 6 questions

What to do or see in Le Diamant ?

  • Grande Anse du Diamant, 3 kilometers long beach;
  • Saint-Thomas church;
  • Médard Aribot's house, known as the convict's house, at the foot of Morne Larcher, a famous mountain also called "the lying woman" because of its shape.
  • Memorial of Anse Cafard, known as Cap 110: monument of the Martiniquais Laurent Valère commemorating the shipwreck of a slave ship and paying tribute to the victims of the slave trade;
  • Coastal forest of Dizac;
  • Diamond Museum, located next to the town hall and in front of the pontoon of Le Diamant;
  • Bronze sculpture "Neg Mawon";
  • Museum of shells;

How many inhabitants are there in Le Diamant ?

5642 inhabitants

Surface area and density of the commune

Area: 27 km2

Density: 206/km2

Where to sleep?

  • Diamond Beach Hotel Residence - Ravine Gens Bois
  • Marine Hotel - Le Chery
  • Residence hotel Diamant les Bains - 92 Rue Justin Roc

The best restaurants in town

  • Planet Diamond - 4 Rue Justin Roc, 97223
  • Poyo Rico - 15 Rue a Tertulien Duville, 97223
  • Little Rock - 36 Rue Justin Roc, 97223

Information about the Town Hall

Rue Justin-Roc 97223

Le Diamant

Telephone: +596 596 76 40 11

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