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Paillotte Beach

Beach at Saint-Pierre, Martinique

  • Icone étoile Rating : 3/5
  • Icone étoile Type of sand : Grey
  • Icone information Attendance : Low

La Paillote beach is part of the commune of Saint-Pierre in Martinique, that is to say in the north of the island. In fact, this beach is in a way the beach of the city of Saint-Pierre.

  • Seabed ?
  • Wild beach ?
  • Waves/Surf
  • Toilets ?
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  • Nearby help station ?
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  • Isolated beach ?
  • Easily accessible ?
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It is directly adjacent to many subdivisions and is therefore not very popular with tourists. The beach of La Paillote in Saint-Pierre is indeed a place where many inhabitants of the area meet.

The beach is quite small and fine. The sand, even if slightly stony, can be comfortable if you come with your towel. On this beach, you will notice that the housing developments and parking lots are a little more present than the coconut and grape trees.

But nothing prevents you from coming to this place to relax or swim. If you are looking for a beach without tourists, this is the one to choose. Eat your little picnic in peace and quiet.

Moreover, if you like Nordic scenery, this beach is definitely for you. The mountain Pelee is not far away and the water of the beach is not turquoise blue, but almost night blue. On this blue bed, it is possible to see a multitude of boats anchored. During a certain period of the day, fishing boats sailing off are to be admired. You will be able to take magnificent photographs! Whether it is above or below the sea, a whole unique marine ecosystem awaits you.

This beach is also appreciated by walkers and anglers who take advantage of the large pontoon put forward. Moreover, it is thanks to and from this pontoon that shuttles leave towards Guadeloupe, Dominica, Sante-Luce, etc.

The city of Saint-Pierre in 7 questions

How many inhabitants are there in Saint-Pierre?

4123 inhabitants

Surface area and density of the commune

Area: 39 km2

Density: 106/km2

Where to sleep in Saint-Pierre ?

  • Hotel Villa Saint Pierre - Rues Bouillé 97250
  • Village Pomme Cannelle - 11-12 Quartier Morne Folie Prêcheur 97250
  • Le Kay'Loulou (apartment) - Habitation Beausejour
  • Pierrotine House the feet in the water - Rue Bouille, 97250

Best restaurants in the town

  • Le Fromager - Route de Fonds-Saint-Denis (D1), Quartier Saint James
  • L'Alsace a Kay - D10
  • KaÏ Raymond - Rue Victor Hugo 97250

Information about the Town Hall

35 Rue Caylus97250

Telephone: +596 596 78 10 32

E-mail :[email protected]

Opening hours:

Monday and Thursday from 7am to 5pm


Wednesday and Friday from 7am to 1pm

What to do in Saint-Pierre

The ruins of the prison and the dungeon of Cyparis, building registered as a historical monument (MH)

The Bethlehem asylum (MH)

The church of the Fort, (MH)

Office of the Engineers (MH)

Theater, built at the end of the 18th century on the model of the great theater of Bordeaux according to urban legend. However, according to its proportions and architectural scale, it is much smaller than the one in the city of Bordeaux. The same is true for its decoration and the treatment of the monumental order that is implemented on its main façade. (MH)

The ruins of the rue Bouillé

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