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The touristic sites of Martinique

Discover the best sites of interest on the island: from botanical gardens to historical monuments!

What to visit in Martinique? Discovering the island of Martinique means being faced with so many possibilities that it can be difficult to find your way around. To make the most of your stay in Martinique, follow the guide!

Between history and nature, discover the museums 

The cultural richness of the West Indies will quickly captivate you. Their history takes you to the crossroads of the many peoples who have mixed there. As for nature, it plunges your senses into effervescence. To broaden your horizons playfully, Martinique is full of museums as diverse as they are rich!

Like the Grand Orchestre du Splendid, we "love bananas, because there are no bones in them". Located in Sainte-Marie, the Banana Museum takes you on a discovery of this exotic fruit. The visit - guided or not - usually makes the children happy. In the gardens, 64 varieties of banana trees stand alongside lush vegetation. Finish with a tasting of banana-based dishes, each more succulent than the last.

Dive 20,000 places under the sea without putting your head underwater? It's possible in Trois-Îlets. In the heart of the Village de la Poterie, the Musée de la Mer invites you to explore the depths.

Mickaël Tosato, an enthusiast, has assembled a collection of 4000 specimens, including some rare species. All sorts of naturalized marine animals are found alongside an incredible quantity of shells, in every conceivable shape. Educational material completes the visit.

Under the white sand of the tropics: the dark hours of our history, but not only... Since you are in Trois-Îlets, go back in time to the Savane of Slaves. This museum celebrates the cultural diversity of Martinique, through the generations that built it.

On 3 hectares, you will discover the way of life of the pre-Columbian Amerindians, the daily life of the slaves in the plantations, then the evolution of rural Creole culture until the 1960s. You will be introduced to the island's ancestral know-how, traditional agriculture, handicrafts and medicinal herbal medicine.

Visit the rum factories without moderation

The real rum route is not a race, it's about relaxing and having a good tasting! In Martinique, distilling is an art, and you'd be crazy to miss out on the rum experience.

In Sainte Marie, the Depaz Distillery has reigned since 1651! The castle is an authentic colonial house, surrounded by an idyllic state. The tour shows you everything: a gigantic water wheel for energy, a collection of old industrial machines and, of course, the factory. The production process will hold no secrets for you, unless you overdo the tasting afterwards!

Barely younger, with 360 years of existence, the Rhumerie Trois Rivieres welcome you to Sainte-Luce. Except for the maturation vats, it is no longer in operation, but the tourist trail shows you each stage of production. As a bonus, there is a souvenir shop where you will find many gift ideas! And, of course, you can taste the whole range of the brand's rums.

If, on the other hand, the wind takes you to Sainte Marie, the fumes of the Saint-James Distillery will make you dizzy. Inside a dazzling colonial villa, the rum museum is a real curiosity cabinet. A real steam engine then takes you on an exciting journey through the plantations. And to recover from your emotions, an excellent restaurant awaits you at the end!

Don't miss the historical sites 

Everywhere on the island, churches and historical monuments compete for a rich heritage. If you don't know what to visit in Martinique, here are some ideas for adventure!

There is no shortage of monuments in Fort de France! To get a feel for the Caribbean architecture, you will first go to Sacré-Coeur of Balata. Among all the churches of the island, it is undoubtedly the most charming. It is inspired by the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Paris, but in miniature. You will then continue to lift your soul at the Bougenot Pavilion.

Formerly the home of a rich 19th century industrialist, the building now houses an annex of the Schœlcher Library. The latter welcomes you a few streets further on. With its baroque style, this irresistible building houses the classics of Creole literature.

In the Diamant, the Anse Caffard Memorial, a masterpiece by artist Laurent Valère, has been celebrating freedom since the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery. On the Trinité side, the Dubuc Castle looks like a medieval ruin. With its breathtaking view of the ocean, this site will make you dream of privateers and sea snakes!

Get lost in the gardens of Eden

Anthuriums, water lilies, heliconias and pandanus are not voodoo deities, but some fascinating plant species that populate Martinique. To smell the aroma, there is no need to get lost in the rainforest: the parks and gardens welcomekilometers you!

A few kilometres from Fort-de-France, the Jardin of Balata offers you a unique collection of exotic flowers, and then invites you to take a country walk among the trees.

In Morne Pitault, the Jardin of Bel Air is a sight to behold. Vanilla, cocoa, papyrus... whatever tropical plant you are looking for, it is probably there. Culinary delights are also on offer, as well as a small historical museum!

And if you need more...

Even if it is possible to do the tour in one day, Martinique is not short of pleasures. To discover the island, the easiest way is to rent a car. And if you're still wondering what to visit in Martinique, here are some more ideas!

At the Grand Marché in Fort-de-France, you can find the rarest spices, track down yams and sweet potatoes, and your nostrils will be filled with delicious aromas... And if all this makes you hungry, you can fill up at the bakery Surena. A true institution, it has been delighting young and old alike for over a century!

The least we can say is that Martinique is not short of restaurants. If we had to keep only one, it would be the 1643, in Carbet. The menu, which mixes tradition and new cuisine, includes Creole specialities, each more refined than the last. The bucolic setting (you are in the middle of trees) is an escape in itself. As for the terrace, you'll feel right at home! And while you're here, take the opportunity to walk on the beach of Carbet. On June 15, 1502, Christopher Columbus was the first European to walk on the sand!

Speaking of beaches, a stay in Martinique means enjoying a punch on the Salines' beach, in Sainte-Anne. Covered with immaculate sand, facing a deep blue ocean, lined with palm trees and coconut palms, it is the archetypal beach paradise. It receives more than 2 million visitors every year, so we don't promise you absolute solitude. It will be even more difficult at Anse Mitan, but if you like a lively atmosphere, you will be in heaven! An hour's drive from Les Salines, it is a long sandy beach, very well served by public transport.

What to visit in Martinique? Thanks to our selection, you now have the keys for a stay in Martinique as rich and varied as possible! 

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