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Get the best tips and tricks to prepare and enjoy your trip to the island of flowers.

Super duper sunny articles!

That will take you to the four corners of the island!

A trip to the heart of Martinique with the Tourcrib Blog

Nearly 7000 km from Paris, in the heart of the Caribbean, Martinique offers an exceptional natural heritage and a beautiful way of life. From the beaches to the top of Mount Pele, the island of flowers offers a thousand and one activities! The ideal destination for a vacation like you like. Here is a brief overview to help you prepare your trip to Martinique.

What kind of information will I find on the Tourcrib blog?

As travel enthusiasts, we know how time-consuming it can be to find information on how to plan your vacation in Martinique.

So we wanted to bring together in one place all the travel and practical information you'll need to prepare your trip and experience all that the island, Martinique, has to offer.

The list of topics covered is extremely exhaustive, some examples :

A trip to Martinique in seven keywords

Also known as the island of flowers, Martinique attracts millions of visitors every year who wish to discover the cultural diversity of the island, its landscapes and its culinary wealth. You will enjoy the coconut trees, the volcanoes, the fine sandy beaches and meet the incomparable kindness of the inhabitants.

All this under a tropical climate, which allows you to enjoy a high temperature all year long. Are you ready for the adventure? We give you a taste of the richness of the island through 7 keywords:

Smiling Martinican

🤗 Discover the joie de vivre of the Martinican

The people of Martinique are distinguished by their "joie de vivre" and their relaxed attitude.

No question of hurrying on the island! The inhabitants know how to take the time to appreciate the everyday moments. They like to relax and enjoy every moment. They know that rushing and running around is simply not the way to enjoy life. In Martinique, be prepared to slow down your pace and travel at the same tempo as the island. 

The Martinican are also very welcoming and helpful. They enjoy sharing a moment with visitors and are often willing to do anything to help. Do you have a question or a problem? Don't be afraid to stop for a moment at a shop or restaurant. The Martinican will stop their activity to take some time with you and point you in the right direction. Do you have questions about a dish, a story or a cultural site?

In Martinique, people are very proud of their culture and origin. Put down your guide and stop for a few moments to chat with a Martinican. He or she will be happy to share their culture with you and explain the customs of the island!

Dish from Martinique

🍛 The culinary wealth of the island is unequalled.

How to evoke Martinique without mentioning its culinary wealth?

The island is full of colorful and mixed dishes, with surprising and rich flavors. Indeed, the cuisine and the markets are at the heart of the Antilleans' concerns. Their dishes are unique and are the result of an ethnic mix. With each bite, be prepared to find a combination of French, Indian, Chinese or African flavors. During your trip to Martinique, let yourself be tempted by the discovery of Caribbean cuisine, rich, varied, and resolutely modern.

You don't know which dish to start your culinary experience with? Start with one of the must-try dishes: accras. Often eaten as an appetizer, codfish accras are made of herbs, peppers and spices. You will be surprised by their richness and flavors! If you rather like sweet things, the white eating coconut is also a local specialty. Between the sweet and salty specialties of the island, get ready to make your taste buds travel.

Rhum Martinique

🍹 Rum.

A true symbol, rum is an integral part of the history of Martinique.

With the first sugar cane plantations, the island specialized in the production of agricultural rum, the first to have obtained an AOC. The rums of Martinique are thus internationally recognized and renowned throughout the world. White, golden or brown, these rums are a real national pride.

When organizing your stay in Martinique, don't forget to add a rum tasting to your program. To do so, visit the many distilleries in Martinique to learn more about the history of this nectar and taste a few glasses. Thanks to a trip along the rum route, you will learn more about the aromas and flavors of Martinique's AOC agricultural rum and the thousand-year-old know-how of its production.

Plage sud Martinique

🏖 The beaches

Martinique is full of beaches, where you can relax and enjoy the Caribbean sun.

You have decided to organize a trip to Martinique to enjoy a postcard setting? You made the right choice! Martinique is full of beaches, where you can relax and enjoy the Caribbean sun.

A stay in Martinique will allow you to recharge your batteries. A seasonal rental or a good hotel by the sea will offer you the necessary comfort to fully enjoy the beach. The 350 km of coastline of the island offer several exceptional beaches. Fine sand, coconut trees and turquoise waters make up a small paradise perfect for relaxing as a couple, with family or with friends. If the beach of Salines in Sainte-Anne is the most famous, the 4 km of the one of Le Diamant have nothing to envy it! Smaller and more intimate coves, the Anses d'Arlet are worth a visit: we particularly recommend Anse Dufour and Anse Noire.

In the South, you will discover fine sandy beaches and a transparent sea. All you have to do is put on your bathing suit and enjoy a few hours in the heart of a paradisiacal landscape. Some beaches are lined with restaurants: order an aperitif and simply enjoy the moment. 

If you are more of a wilderness enthusiast, the north of the island will delight you with its black sand beaches. Less touristy and bordered by virgin vegetation, these beaches are spectacular. Take a few hours to swim, enjoy the sun and walk along the sea. You will leave with memorable souvenirs of an exceptional landscape.

Jardin Balata Martinique

🌺 The fauna and flora

With its tropical climate and lush vegetation, the island is home to an incredible biodiversity.

In terms of flora, you can discover the tropical forest and its exotic trees. You can also walk between the succulent plants and the fruit trees. The mangrove is also present on the whole island. Finally, if you walk in the undergrowth, you will be able to observe a great variety of flowers of the Zingiberaceae family, easily recognizable thanks to their flamboyant colors. 

More interested in animals? Martinique is especially known for its marine fauna. On the Atlantic coast, a virtually uninterrupted coral reef allows many animal species to thrive. In the sky, you will be able to observe hummingbirds, sugar eaters or herons. On the land side, mongooses are the most common species on the island.

Paysage Martinique

🏞 The landscapes of Martinique

The exotic and tropical landscapes follow one another without looking alike.

Visitors flock to Martinique to discover a diversity of landscapes and breathtaking reliefs. In the North, the mountain Pelée dominates from the top of its 400 meters the tropical forest and the black sand beaches. Volcanoes follow one another.

In the south, Martinique reveals its postcard beaches and turquoise lagoons.

The center of the island is full of colorful markets, sugar cane fields and ancient distilleries. Martinique is a land of contrasts: exotic and tropical landscapes follow one another without looking alike.

During your trip to the island of flowers, you can discover a wide variety of landscapes. In only a few kilometers, you will discover different reliefs and breathtaking viewpoints. Rent a car for several days and take the time to discover the reality of the Caribbean, between volcanoes and coconut trees.

Martinique culture

🌈 The cultural diversity of the island

During your trip, you will talk with West Indians of European, Indian or Asian origin.

The population of Martinique is characterized by its great diversity. During your trip, you will talk with West Indians of European, Indian or Asian origin. The inhabitants are also influenced by the Creole and Caribbean culture. A trip to the island is thus an opportunity to discover a mixed and exotic population. 

Descendants of slaves or settlers, the Martiniqueans are united by their differences. They live in respect of other cultures and cohabit in perfect harmony. Creole Christians, Hindus, or Baptists live together in understanding and tolerance. During your trip, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the cultural diversity of the island and to better understand the history of Martinique.  

As you can see, there is never a dull moment in Martinique. Whether you live in Paris or Antibes or anywhere else in France, it is now easy to organize your trip to Martinique and your vacation. Whatever your travel profile, Martinique will satisfy you. An island to consume without moderation!

Tourcrib founders

Tourcrib: Who are we?

We are two young Martinican with a heart to show what is most beautiful on the island of flowers!

As we grew up, traveled and gained experience, we realized that both of us had a desire: to give back to Martinique everything it has given us, on the island and from afar 🙂

So we founded Tourcrib, the authentic experience platform as well as the Tourcrib Blog to showcase the locals and help tourists experience Martinique through the eyes of the locals!