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Sea excursions in Martinique

Go on a sea excursion to discover places that only the locals know!

Dreaming of a sea excursion in Martinique ? Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Caribbean Sea to the west, Martinique, also known as the "Flower Island", offers a great diversity of marine life.

You will have the opportunity to discover magnificent natural aquatic sites, accessible by boat, water scooter or kayak. Thanks to the tropical temperatures, this type of excursion is practicable all year round.

Two types of excursions are available to you: Caribbean Sea Excursions and Atlantic Ocean excursions. You can practice snorkeling, embark on a cruise aboard a catamaran or go on a sailing boat, the choice is yours! 

We'll show you the best places to go out at sea, as well as the steps to take before setting off on your adventure :)

Particularities of Caribbean Sea trips

The Caribbean coast is often preferred to the Atlantic coast because it is quieter. The bays, coves, white sandy beaches and turquoise waters are ideal for swimming. The lagoon allows the observation of marine animals, scuba diving or snorkeling.
During your sea excursion in Martinique, you will have the opportunity to observe a panoply of incredible tropical fish!

Also, it will be possible to make dolphin and whale watching trips, generally during the dry season from mid-November to April, but also during the wet season between May and October.

Particularities of the Atlantic Ocean trips

On the Atlantic Ocean side, you will observe wilder and more authentic beaches. They are just as beautiful with their turquoise waters. You cannot come to Martinique without discovering by boat the different islets located mainly in the east of the island of flowers. 

These sea excursions will make you discover the famous white bottoms of Martinique! These places, where the sea is very shallow, are a particularity of Martinique. The bottom of the sand almost touches the surface of the water, even at several hundred meters from the beach.

It is possible to visit them by motorboat, catamaran, jet-ski or kayak. You may be lucky enough to see dolphins or other species. On remote and almost deserted beaches, other coves, beaches and secluded corners are also to be discovered.

The best spots for a memorable sea trip

A boat trip will allow you to spend a pleasant moment with your family or friends. Whether it is on the side of the Caribbean Sea or on the side of the Atlantic Ocean, here are the best places to visit for a boat trip in Martinique:

Josephine Baignoire

Located on the Atlantic side, this sandy bottom extends from the Thierry and Oscar islets, nearly 2 km from the coast, off the commune of Le François. This unusual place is very popular with sea excursions.

The islets of Robert 

If you want more peace and quiet, this is the place to go. It is just as beautiful but more quiet and peaceful.

It is an unmissable activity in Martinique. There are 48 different ones, but some of them are forbidden to visitors or accessible under certain conditions. 

Be careful, because it can be difficult to navigate in the bays, because of the presence of reefs linked to the coral barriers. The islet Chancel, 2 km long, is the largest in Martinique. Here are the most famous islets: 

  • Ilet Chancel
  • Oscar
  • Thierry
  • Loup-Garou
  • Ilet Madame
  • Ilet Chevalier
  • Ilet Ramier
  • La Perle
  • Cabrit

The islets of Robert

If you want more tranquility, it is in the Commune of Robert that you should go. The islets are all as beautiful but calmer and more peaceful: the islet Chancel, Madame, La Grotte, Loup Garou, and I pass... :)

Scuba diving

There are 4 diving areas in Martinique. 
In the North, you will observe wrecks and black sand. In the South, you will discover large coral reefs and a great variety of tropical fish. The most frequented places are located around the Diamond Rock.

Diamond Rock

It is considered as the most beautiful diving site in Martinique. This rocky peak culminates at 175 m. Located two kilometers from the coast, in the Canal de Sainte-Lucie. It faces the tip of Diamond. It is often a stage to see for a day of discovery of the South of Martinique. This rock was used as a blockade to hold out against the English at the beginning of the 19th century (1804-1805). A hundred men stayed on it for several months.


Martinique is an ideal place for snorkeling and observing marine life. With the help of a mask, a snorkel and fins, it is possible to practice it at any age. For this, you can go to Anse Dufour, Anses Arlets, Pointe Borgnèse, Anse Noire, Anse Turin or even Îlet Madame, which is only accessible by boat.


This activity is very easy to access, as it does not require any sporting skills. You can stay on the lagoon or visit the mangroves. Kayaking is a very good way to discover the island, see some islets or go to the mangrove. The waters of the sea are quite calm, so it remains quite safe. It is also the best way to discover the mangrove, because you can move easily.

Day trip to Saint Lucia

It is possible to go there by boat or catamaran for a half-day trip.
The island of Saint Lucia, which belongs to England, is one of the smallest states in the world, with 175,000 inhabitants. 

It is located about 30 km south of Martinique. It was also a battleground between the French and the English, where the island changed governance several times during the 17th and 18th centuries. In 1814, by the Treaty of Paris, the English officially obtained possession of St. Lucia. This destination is very popular on weekends by the Martinique people, where the official language is English, but also Creole.

Precautions to take when going on a sea trip in Martinique

When you go on a sea excursion, you have to be careful with the weather. Even if the weather is expected to be good, it can change quickly. Do not hesitate to bring warm or waterproof clothes in case of rain. Also, it is necessary to check if the boat's driver has a boat license and insurance for the planned trip.

Also make sure that safety equipment is provided on the boat, such as life jackets. If you were planning to go swimming, you might want to bring along water recreation equipment, such as scuba gear or buoys for the kids.

If the trip is far away and the journey takes a long time, it may be useful to take something to drink if it is hot and something to eat if you are hungry. Finally, it is important to respect the surrounding fauna and flora: for that, you should not touch the coral reef!

The Caribbean Sea offers many possibilities for sea excursions. For a sea excursion in Martinique, you have the choice between several activities between the observation of marine animals, diving or snorkeling or a kayak excursion.

It is possible to observe marine animals on every excursion, whether it is a boat trip or an underwater trip. You may encounter a sea turtle, a dolphin, tropical fish and starfish, or observe coral reefs. So, are you ready for a trip to the sea?

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