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The Diamant is located in the South-West of Martinique. The small town is a good destination to spend your vacations and enjoy the beautiful landscape. The name of the town is inspired by the large diamond-shaped rock facing the coastline. The Diamant was populated by several tribes before the arrival of French settlers in the 17th century. It is a real little jewel of the West Indies that allows you to discover Martinique with its most radiant complexion. Its blue sky, warm sea and varied flora will impress you.

It is a must for lovers of atypical and exceptional vacations.

History of the city

You can admire the masterpiece of Mr. Médard Aribot, La Maison du Bagnard built in 1960. The house is famous for its small size and its outstanding architecture. Mr. Médard is condemned to prison for stories of petty theft and his participation in the diamond war. Mr. Médard is best known for his talent as a sculptor.

The rioters of 1925 will brandish a bust sculpted by Mr. Médard. In Martinique at the time, it was rare for riots to take a serious turn. In spite of this, in 1925 things will really go wrong. The rioters massacred Colonel De Coppens. The colonel is known for his bloodthirsty methods. In the final toll 9 military deaths. He was then condemned to end his life in Cayenne. In 1945, the revolutionary was liberated and then repatriated to Martinique in 1953.

If you are in love with archaeology, the Bernard David Diamond Museum is perfect for you. During your visit, you can discover a collection of pre-Columbian archaeological objects found in the town. In the adjacent room, there is an exhibition on the Diamond Rock with all its history.

The commune offers gastronomic specialties that are very appreciated and known throughout the West Indies. It is absolutely necessary to taste the traditional recipes.

Discover the town of The Diamant. It is a town that will enchant and intoxicate you with its colonial and archaeological history.

The city of Diamant in 6 questions

How many people live in Le Diamant?

5642 inhabitants

Surface area and density of the municipality

Area: 27 km2
Density: 206/km²

What to do or see at The Diamant?

  • Grande Anse du Diamant, 3 kilometers long beach ;
  • Saint-Thomas church ;
  • House of Médard Aribot, known as the Convict’s House at the foot of the Morne Larcher, famous mountain also called “la femme couchée” because of its shape.
  • Memorial of Anse Cafard, known as Cap 110 : monument of the Martiniquais Laurent Valère commemorating the shipwreck of a slave ship and paying homage to the victims of the slave trade;
  • Coastal forest of Dizac ;
  • Diamond Museum, located next to the town hall and opposite the Diamond pontoon;
  • Bronze sculpture “Neg Mawon”;
  • Museum of shells ;

Information about the Town Hall

Rue Justin-Roc
97223 Le Diamant
Phone : +596 596 76 40 11

Where to sleep?

  • Résidence hôtelière Diamond Beach – Ravine Gens Bois
  • Marine Hotel – Le Chery
  • Résidence hôtelière Diamant les Bains – 92 Rue Justin Roc

The best restaurants of the municipality

  • Planète DIamant – 4 Rue Justin Roc, 97223
  • Poyo Rico – 15 Rue a Tertulien Duville, 97223
  • Little Rock – 36 Rue Justin Roc, 97223

What are the spots to visit in Diamant ?

3 spots to visit

This list is not exhaustive. These are the spots presented on Tourcrib.

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