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Ilet Madame Beach

Beach at Robert, Martinique

  • Icone étoile Rating : 5/5
  • Icone étoile Type of sand : White
  • Icone information Attendance : Medium

"THE" beach straight out of a postcard, the beach of ilet Madame is to die for. A real little piece of paradise located in the most paradisiacal of bays, the Bay of Robert. At 400 meters from the coast, facing the Pointe la Rose, l'ilet Madame enjoys a dream location.

Everything is there, white sand, translucent water, green flora, multicolored coral reef... The contrast of colors is absolutely exceptional. L'îlet Madame will certainly give you a change of scenery as the site is so resplendent. It is the essential step of your stay in Martinique!

  • Seabed ?
  • Wild beach ?
  • Waves/Surf
  • Toilets ?
  • Showers ?
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The most adventurous among you will reach the islet by swimming or walking, during low tide. When the tide is out, you can get there with one of Ti Canots' GPS-equipped boats. 10 minutes of crossing on the clock and you are in paradise. You can also visit the 9 other islets of the bay while you are there! 45 minutes of dream for a sea trip you will remember for a long time.

The city of Le Robert in 5 questions

How many inhabitants are there in Le Robert?

22,719 inhabitants

Surface area and density of the commune

Area: 47 km2

Density: 480/km2

What to do or see in Le Robert?

  • The islets of Robert are famous for the presence of an endemic species of iguana: the Lesser Antillean Iguana (Iguana delicatissima)
  • Chapel at Pointe-Savane
  • The Saint-Joseph de Pontaléry chapel built by slaves in 1802, in homage to the Virgin Mary

Information about the Town Hall

Rue Vincent Allègre, 97231

Phone number: +596 596 65 10 05

Opening hours:

  • Monday: from 07:30 to 13:30 from 14:30 to 17:00
  • Tuesday to Wednesday: from 07:30 to 13:30
  • Thursday: from 07:30 to 13:30 from 14:30 to 17:00
  • Friday: from 07:30 to 13:30

Meilleures restaurants de la ville

  • L’ifruimer – 69 Route Pointe Fort, 97231 – +596 596 18 08 57
  • Routoutou – 66 Rue du Courbaril, 97231 – +596 596 34 02 41
  • Restaurant G Faim – Cite Mansarde Catalogne, 97231, +596 596 68 38 97

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