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The beaches of Martinique

Find here all the beaches of Martinique

The wild beaches of Martinique for the most adventurous

Worthy of the most beautiful postcards, the beaches of Martinique will leave you speechless as their landscapes are breathtaking. The most adventurous among you will appreciate the more remote and less frequented beaches.

Anse Noire

Accessible via a staircase of 130 steps between two cliffs, Anse Noire is one of the only black sand beaches in southern Martinique. It offers magnificent sea beds and will delight diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. A real haven of peace where you can also observe green turtles in the center of the bay. #sablenoir

Anse Dufour

Located a few meters from Anse Noire, Anse Dufour will charm you with its small village of seine fishermen located on the seashore. You will observe tropical fish and many turtles. The white sand offers a magnificent contrast with its neighbor, Anse Noire. #whitesand

Black Cove Beach

Anse Grosse Roche

Anse Grosse Roche is one of the most beautiful wild beaches of Martinique. This cove, located at Cap Macré, guarantees you a total change of scenery. You will reach it after a small walk of twenty minutes but believe us, the effort is worth it. You will be impressed by this preserved site and this paradisiacal setting between its coconut trees, its white sand and its turquoise water. #whitesand

Grande Anse Macabou

Go along the seaside with your darling or your friends and you will come across this exceptional white sand beach, next to Grosse Roche. The sea is rough but its magnificent scenery and turquoise blue water are worth the discovery! In the shade of the coconut trees after your swim (beware of seaweed), take the opportunity to break bread and take a nap. You will feel like you are alone in the world! #whitesand

The blue eye

The blue eye, on the Cap Ferré peninsula: On the same trail, the Trace des Caps, discover this natural pool formed between the rocks on the small Cap Ferré peninsula. Punctuate your walk on the trail with a pleasant and quiet swim in this small pool. Once again, you will be amazed by the transparency and brightness of the water. However, beware of the sea urchins that line the bottom and be very attentive to the rise of the tide that can surprise many.

Anse Couleuvre

If you are looking for a beach with black sand and where you can observe the coral reefs, this is the one! Anse Couleuvre is the most northern of the island and the beach is one of the wildest. You will reach it by the path of Maison Tardon, from the tropical forest. The scenery is impressive and varied. You will be dazzled by the seabed, the ruins, vestiges of the past that you will cross in the rainforest and the proximity of Mount Pelee. #sablenoir

couleuvre beach north martinique

The best beaches in Martinique for family or friends outings

Martinique also has more accessible beaches, all of them incredible. With your family, your friends or your lover, take advantage of the richness of the island of flowers and the best equipped beaches to have fun.

For nautical activities

The beach of Salines

The queen of the beaches, the most famous, nicknamed the most beautiful beach of Martinique, we named... the beach of Salines!

Its three sections Grande Anse, Petite Anse and Grande Terre are located south of Sainte-Anne. Once is not customary, their decor straight out of postcards will amaze you! You will also find restaurants nearby to have a bite to eat. Avoid weekends for a calmer and more relaxing atmosphere. #whitesand

salines beach martinique

The beach of Anse du Carbet

Another gray sand beach, even black, with a view on the Montagne Pelée, the Anse du Carbet. The horizon is very charming. You will notice the numerous boats that come to dock on the wooden pontoon and the gum trees of the local fishermen. With 1 km of shoreline at your disposal, you can walk along the town of Carbet. Take a short break in the shade of the coconut trees before starting your evening. You will not miss the restaurant Chez les Pêcheurs. After a busy day, it's time to taste the local specialties, fish in all its forms! #sablenoir

The beach of Pointe Marin

Pointe Marin is a very popular beach. The water is calm, which ensures a safe swim for your children. Small bars and snack bars line the beach, if you wish to eat. There are also water sports clubs and diving trips. Festive and family atmosphere guaranteed. #whitesand

To walk in the sea

Anse Pont Café

You want to go for a walk on the sea? You will love this cove which offers a heavenly setting but above all different activities such as catamaran, jet ski, kayak, inflatable games, pedal boats... Enough to please your children and to rest during a detour at sea. #whitesand

Beach of the big Anse d'Arlet

You will be pleasantly surprised by this cove nestled at the bottom of a bay but no less animated. On the horizon, you will be able to observe many boats, small and large, as well as fishermen, sailboats, catamarans... The sea is calm and suitable for beautiful walks. If you are in a joyful mood, choose between several activities, diving, paddle or jet ski! Finally, in the evening, let yourself be carried away by the festive atmosphere of the beach bars and restaurants. Don't forget to sit on one of their charming terraces to admire the sunset. The final touch to your beautiful day, we guarantee it! #whitesand

Anses Arlet Martinique

Beach Corps de Garde 

Located 2.5 km from Sainte-Luce, Corps de Garde is an ideal beach for those who want to enjoy safe swimming. Although the water is rather calm, lifeguards watch over the beach. There is no need to bring a lunch, you will find several bars and restaurants on the spot. You can also practice sailing, volleyball, kayaking, catamaran, optimist... Then you just have to park on the beach and enjoy your day ! #whitesand

The ideal beaches of Martinique for surf and bodyboard enthusiasts

Martinique remains little known for its waves. However, it offers perfect conditions to satisfy surfers from all over the world and of all levels. The luckiest and most curious among you will be able to get into the water without any problem!

Bonneville Cove 

Anse Bonneville is located in the commune of Tartane. It is the favorite spot for surfers. The most experienced among you will find their account there with its 3 peaks of left and right. Be careful not to lose your balance! The Atlantic swell, agitated by strong currents, exposes you to important waves. Beginners can also learn to surf the wave via the small cove which is not far away. You can even take lessons, as there are several schools and clubs at your disposal. A few hundred meters away, Anse l'Étang also offers different waves, accessible after crossing the lagoon. #whitesand

Diamond Beach 

Translucent and turquoise water, palm trees falling into the water, bordered by almond and grape trees, welcome to Diamond Beach! Stretching over 3 km of fine sand to the south, this beach offers a breathtaking view of the Diamond Rock. Although the currents are a little less strong than in Tartane, we advise you not to go there with your children. But if you are a surf and bodyboarding enthusiast, Le Diamant is the place to be. Diving enthusiasts will also find their account there. #whitesand

Anse Trabaud

Little frequented by tourists, because it is difficult to access, Anse Trabaud is worth a visit. To reach it, you will have to walk along a rocky road, but you will appreciate this little corner of paradise between Pointe d'Enfer and Pointe Baham. Exposed to intertropical winds, this cove will make you happy if you are a surf or bodyboarding enthusiast. Apparently, naturists also appreciate it a lot, because it is very quiet. Don't be surprised! #whitesand

Coconut palms, white sand, black sand, turquoise and translucent water, Martinique has something to change your mind! With this guide to the island's beaches, you now have something to satisfy all your moods and desires. Whether you go for a sporty or relaxing vacation, you are ready for an exceptional vacation! For more information, check out our detailed articles on the access conditions and facilities of each of these beaches.

Les plages Type de sable
The beach of Tartane Blanc
La Batelière Beach Blanc
Pointe Chaudiere Beach Galets
Anse Belleville Beach Gris
Anse à l'Âne Beach Blanc
Anse Madame Beach Gris
Cap Est Beach Blanc
Anse Michel (Cap Chevalier) Blanc
Cap Macré Beach Blanc
Anse Grosse Roche Beach Blanc
The Sinai Beach Noir
Anse Charpentier Beach Blanc
Anse Meunier Beach Blanc
Anse Dizac beach Blanc
The beach of Anse Trabaud : the naturist beach of the island ! Blanc
Autre Bord Beach Blanc
Anse au Bois and Anse Esprit Beaches Blanc
Anse Noire... An extraordinary beach! Noir
Le Meridien Beach Blanc
Anse Pont Café Beach Blanc
The Guinguette Beach Blanc
Anse des Raisiniers Beach Blanc
Madiana Beach Blanc
Anse Turin Beach Blanc
The beach of the village of anses d'Arlet Blanc
Anse Corps de Garde beach Blanc
The beach of Gros Raisin Cove Blanc
The beach of Anse Desert Blanc
Pointe Marin Beach Blanc
Anse Mitan Beach Blanc
Anse Bonneville Beach Blanc
Anse Figuier Beach Blanc
The beach of Gros-Raisin Blanc
Raisiniers Beach Blanc
Grand Macabou Beach Blanc
Anse Fond de Coré beach Gris
Anse Fond Banane beach Blanc
The beach of La Cherry Blanc
Anse Etang Beach Blanc
Anse Tonnoir Beach Blanc
Schoelcher Bourg Beach Blanc
Anse La Brêche Beach Blanc
Pointe Faula Beach Blanc
Small Anse des Salines Beach
Anse Caritan Beach Blanc
Anse Petit Macabou Beach Blanc
Lido Beach (Anse Collat) Gris
Anse Couleuvre Beach Noir
Anse Dufour Beach Blanc
Grande Terre des Salines and Anses Prunes Beaches Blanc
Hotel Bakoua beach Blanc
Fond Boucher Beach Gris
Carbet Beach Gris
Anse Mabouya Beach Blanc
Anse Latouche Beach Noir
Paillotte Beach Gris
Ilet Chevalier Beach Blanc
Vetiver Beach Noir et galets
Anse Ceron Beach Noir
Ilet Madame Beach Blanc
Grande Anse Beach Blanc
Pointe Borgnèse Beach
Anse Cafard Beach Blanc
Club Med Beach Blanc
The local beach (Marouba) Gris
The beach of Anse Cosmy in Martinique Blanc
The beach of Baie Coco (Pointe la Rose) Blanc
Anse Azérot in Martinique : a wild beach as we like it Blanc