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When should you go visit Martinique?

That's it, you are seduced by the island of flowers and all its assets: its wild landscapes, its heavenly beaches, its gastronomy, its culture… But now, you are surely wondering when to go to discover Martinique?

Martinique can be visited all year round, but it is generally considered that the best period is between December and April, months appreciated for their mild climate. However, each period has its advantages, and you will surely find what you are looking for.


Photos credit : @Caribbeandontcare (instagram)

What is the climate in Martinique?

The climate in Martinique is tropical. The sun and the heat reign there all year round and the rains, more or less strong according to the season, are also inevitable. In general, the climate is warm and pleasant but can cool down quite a bit in the heights, especially if you go to attack Mount Pelée.

Martinique has two main seasons, mainly related to the intensity of rainfall: the dry season from late November to late May and the wet season from June to December. Whichever period you choose, expect temperatures between 25° and 32° on average. And don't forget your swimsuit, because the sea is warm and suitable for swimming all year round!

The best period according to the climate and the weather

The weather is naturally one of the main criteria when planning a vacation. So to know when to go to Martinique, a small zoom on the two seasons of the island:

First, the dry season, also called Lent, which generally lasts from the end of November to the end of May. During this period, the weather is largely sunny, despite a few short rains, often of short duration. Temperatures are pleasant, around 25 degrees. This is the ideal time to take full advantage of the beautiful beaches and various outdoor activities. And as a bonus: it will allow you to escape from the dreariness and cold of winter in metropolitan France!

The southern part is the sunniest and driest. The northern part is more humid and cloudy.
Finally, if you are not a fan of crowds, we advise you to avoid the Christmas or Easter vacations. These periods are indeed particularly busy.

Then comes the wet season, or wintering, which lasts from June to December. During these few months, temperatures rise and thunderstorms are more frequent. The atmosphere becomes heavier. But fortunately, the trade winds come regularly to refresh the atmosphere! Heavy rainfall usually occurs at the end of the day. So you can enjoy beautiful days during this season too.

In addition, if a few rains do not scare you, leaving at this time also has its advantages. For hiking enthusiasts, for example, this is the ideal season to immerse yourself in the heart of the island's lush nature. All you need is to be well-equipped in case of showers and wind!

Nota bene: September and October are in the middle of the hurricane season. You are more likely to find violent thunderstorms, especially on the east coast.

The best period according to the events

Local festivities are the perfect opportunity to live a unique experience, to immerse yourself in the heart of Martinican culture… Music festivals, carnival, water sports competitions, not to mention the various religious festivals rich in tradition… There are many events that punctuate the daily life of the people of Martinique throughout the year and that will undoubtedly mark your trip!

So why not organize your trip based on an unmissable event? Here is a small selection of the island's main events:

The Carnival of Martinique (February)

This is undoubtedly the most popular event! A colorful carnival, ideal to give you a beautiful glimpse of Martinique's culture and the joie de vivre that reigns on the island.

Carnival takes place every year in February during the fat days before Lent. You can enjoy 4 beautiful days of festivities: musical programs, disguises and an impressive parade led by Vaval. Vaval is a giant mascot (also known as a bois-bois) mounted on a float that travels all over Fort-de-France.

Carnaval in Martinique

He is different every year. He represents a current event of the island and, as tradition dictates, ends up at the stake on the last day of the carnival. It is one of the most colorful and interesting carnivals in the Caribbean. A most festive experience that we can only recommend!

But of course, if you are rather looking for a calm and relaxing vacation, we advise you to opt for a different period.

The Yoles tour of Martinique

Photographe : Melissa Simeon

Round skiffs are traditional sailboats, originally designed for fishing. The Tour des yoles rondes de Martinique is a sporting event, unique in the world, which takes place every year between late July and early August. It is a real nautical festival that brings together hundreds of people on the water for a whole week. If you are water sports enthusiast, this is an event not to be missed to vibrate with the thousands of supporters present on land.

Bacchanal Festival (August)

The Bacchanal Festival is a music festival created a few years ago by two young people from Martinique. Local and international DJs take turns at the turntables to make almost 3000 festival-goers dance. And it's off for two days of diverse musical programming! The term Bacchanal comes from the island of Trinidad and Tobago and means "release, decompression". In short, an event not to be missed if you like to party!

Chanté Noël (December)

The Chanté Nwel is a very popular tradition in Martinique which takes place in December. It is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding events of the island! It is a very popular religious tradition during which everyone comes together to sing Caribbean Christmas carols. Family, friends, all gather in the streets to celebrate the event to the rhythm of traditional instruments (cha-cha, ti wood, drums …). Festive atmosphere guaranteed!

When to go to Martinique on a small budget?

Paradise vacations in Martinique on a small budget, it's possible! In particular, avoid leaving during the school vacations because the prices of plane tickets and accommodation are skyrocketing. Generally speaking, prices during the dry season are higher.

If you still want to leave during this period and pay attention to your budget: we advise you to favor a stay in early December or early May. You will then benefit from the low season prices while enjoying the good weather.

Accommodation prices can vary from single to double between the wet season and the dry season. If you are traveling on a tight budget, it is therefore best to plan your trip between June and December.

Infography on when to go to Martinique

Infography created by Tourcrib

Finally, when to go visit Martinique, huh?

So, when will you leave for Martinique? You will have understood it, it is possible to visit the island of flowers all year round and to take advantage of the different assets of each period! The ideal period to go to Martinique depends mainly on your tolerance to the heat and the activities that interest you the most.

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