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What to do in Martinique : Discover the island's must-sees

What to do in Martinique? If you love beach resorts and are looking for the perfect vacation spot, then you should come and discover Martinique. Its museums rich in history, its beautiful mountains and rugged landscapes convenient for hiking activities, or its beautiful beaches, are all leisure activities that Martinique offers you.

Discover here a summary of the experiences to live in Martinique and especially what to see in Martinique.

Things to do and see in Martinique

You are on a trip to Martinique and wish to do various activities during your stay? Several possibilities are available to you. For hiking, you can visit Mount Pelee, Carbet, Pointe du Bout or visit the cliff gorges.

If you enjoy water sports, then seabob, subwing, towed buoy or simply kayak should delight you. The walks and excursions at sea are also appreciated. If you are a bit curious, the carnival will teach you more about the cultural diversity of the island of Martinique.

The city of Fort de France

It is impossible not to visit the capital. It is lively and very active. You will find many sites to visit during your stay. Among them, the big covered market of Fort-de-France still called the spice market. It is possible to buy fresh products, handicrafts or souvenirs like madras. Also, the city of Fort-de-France is full of places and monuments, vestiges of the past.

You will find on your way the Fort-Saint-Louis or Royal built since 1638 and the Cathedral Saint-Louis and its famous bell tower. Rebuilt after the earthquake of 1839, the Old Palace of Justice is a must-see. Book lovers will enjoy visiting the historical monument of the Schoelcher Library and discovering its unique collection of books.

For those who are passionate about history and rare objects, the question "what to see in Martinique in terms of museums" is answered in Fort-de-France! 

Which museums to visit on the island?

To admire the works related to the Creole culture, the regional museum of history and ethnography is the best advised. To know everything about the island, its origins and its inhabitants over the centuries, the departmental museum of archaeology and prehistory will teach you a lot. The museum of Pagerie for example, is a must-see. It retraces the life of Empress Josephine, born on the island.

Musée de la Pagerie en Martinique

Cap 110 and Saint-Pierre: great historical monuments that are a must-see

It is impossible to evoke the history of the island without talking about Cape 110 and Saint-Pierre. The first one, in memory of the slavery period, has 15 busts. These, made of reinforced concrete and white, are turned towards the sea. It is a place full of memories and respected by the natives of the island.

As for Saint-Pierre, it is a village that offers a poignant and artistic spectacle. Built during the 19th century, it collapsed after the eruption of Mount Pelee. It is possible to climb it, although slightly dangerous, and see the volcano up close. You can walk through the ruins of the old village and the port and observe the wrecks of the ships.

The Savannah of the Slaves

This is a representation of the old Martinican traditions, with its huts and habitats of yesteryear. Set in a botanical garden, it offers a pleasant view. The Savane des esclaves (Slaves' Savannah) depicts the way slaves used to live. It is a cultural monument covering three hectares.

The beaches of Martinique

The advantage of an island is its abundance of beaches. Thus, you will find near you, less than an hour's drive away, magnificent beaches. Besides the Grande Anse du Diamant, Les Anses d'Arlet, Cap Macré or Anse Couleuvre are perfect places to bask in the sun. Each of them has its own particularities.

However, the beach of Les Salines remains the most beautiful and the most famous. Its waters, with magnificent turquoise reflections and its golden sand make its fame. Magnificent coconut and palm trees with shady foliage can be found there. With the family or for a solitary walk, it remains the perfect place to relax.

The sea trips

The appeal of the Caribbean Sea makes boat trips a popular activity on the island. You will learn a lot during these naval excursions. You can watch dolphins, snorkel or even scuba dive to your heart's content. Oceanography enthusiasts will find the diversity of aquatic species of great interest. Other marine activities are also available:

Diving professionals? Le Rocher du Diamant is the ideal place for an underwater excursion. Choose a catamaran and enjoy Martinique's gastronomy and cocktails. If you don't have the sea legs, hiking is also an exciting activity.

Where to hike on the island?

The road from Grand'Riviere to Anse Couleuvre is one of the most beautiful trails. It stretches for 18 km through a real virgin forest and a green landscape. The Anse and the sea allow you to admire one of the most memorable views of Martinique.

The tour of the Presqu'île de la Caravelle, the Sainte-Anne circuit, the Trace des Caps are also recommended. Following the road of the Trace allows you to admire magnificent landscapes.

Randonnée à l'Anse Couleuvre

Green spaces to visit

The island is the ideal place for nature lovers. The garden of Balata or the canal of Beauregard are places that you can contemplate and appreciate.

At the Balata garden, you will discover a huge variety, up to three thousand, of tropical plants. You will also find many species of flowers and hummingbirds. This superb botanical garden is equipped with benches or bridges for those who would like to stop and observe from above.

It is located not far from the capital, about 10 km away. The landscape is well worth the detour. If you are fond of vegetation, feast your eyes on the varieties of hibiscus, palm trees, bamboo, etc.

How to evoke an island, the sea and relaxation under palm trees without talking about cocktails? The island of Martinique is famous for its rum punches.

Where to find the best rum shops?

The island of Martinique provides you with high quality rum. You can even taste them directly in the distilleries. It has a large number of distilleries. In Saint-Pierre, you will visit the one of Depaz. Go to Carbet for the Neisson distillery.

However, if you are interested in rum making, go to the Habitation Clément. Museum of rum, you will learn all the tricks of the trade. Although it is no longer made there, the cellars are still used for its aging.

As in so many places on the island, the Habitation Clément is located in a green space. A tasting is even offered at the end. What could be better than a tropical specialty to accompany your glass?

What do Martinique's culinary specialties have in store?

For seafood and fish lovers, an assortment of lobsters and snapper is offered. Lambi made with the flavors of the island and the Caribbean wolf will ignite your palate. Another of the gastronomic specialties of the island is cod in accras, in fierce avocado or in coconut milk.

Colombo is recommended if you prefer meat. It is made according to your choice, with lamb, pork or chicken and is very spicy. As a dessert, don't miss the apple cinnamon or the blancmange. So many flavors to discover on the island of Martinique.

The most beautiful place in Martinique

The island is full of heavenly sceneries, some more beautiful than others. From the memorial of Anse Caffard to the Beauregard canal, passing by the Pelee Mountain or the Caravelle peninsula, the island has magnificent landscapes that make it one of the first travel destinations for tourists.

With a landscape of rare beauty, the Presqu'île de la Caravelle is very popular. It gathers numerous varieties of trees which compose a splendid vegetable cover. Banana plantations, rich meadows dotted with shrubs of all kinds, dry vegetation, rich forest shared by various species, overlap and offer a visual contrast of the best effect.

The peninsula, deep in the sea, has splendid beaches and cliffs. In addition to the many plant species, a large number of bird species protected by the reserve are found there and chirp happily.

By all accounts, the Caravelle peninsula is one of the most beautiful places in Martinique, and even in the world. No need to ask yourself what to see in Martinique? With so many choices available, the real question is what to do in Martinique?

Discover our guides on what to do in Martinique

If you are still wondering what to do in Martinique, find the exhaustive list of activities to do, see and experience in our files:

Beaches in Martinique

The beaches

Beaches are surely the first thing that comes to your mind when you imagine discovering Martinique. And you are not wrong! Martinique conceals many beaches, each one more beautiful than the other. So where to start? The choice is difficult, but don't worry. Tourcrib is here for you.

The famous Salines beach is the most famous, and you are sure to be charmed. With its fine white sand and turquoise waters, you won't believe your eyes. The coconut palms that line the beach make it the perfect landscape for a postcard.

For even more fun, Diamond Beach is a dream destination. The exotic jungle that borders it is fascinating. The beach is located on the diamond peninsula, you will feel like you are on a small island.

Laze on the beaches
Randonnée de la Montagne Pelée

Nature hikes

Hey hey! Lovers of hiking, you are going to enjoy it! The island of flowers is full of natural beauties that you can only fully discover by going hiking.

Let's start big? Let's go ! Mount Pelee is waiting for you. For a breathtaking view of the whole island, there is nothing better than being on one of the highest points of the island. The climb up the mountain takes about 6 hours. So get ready for an eventful adventure.

In parallel, you can choose the great circuit of the Nature Reserve of the peninsula of the Caravelle to stretch your legs. This hike passes through several landscapes, so you won't have time to get bored!

Take a walk in the tropical nature
Waterfalls in Martinique

The waterfalls

The waterfalls of Martinique are a real treasure. What a waste not to reserve a day or two of your stay for some watery hikes (watery, eh)! So grab your backpacks and follow me.

We start with the Couleuvre Waterfall, one of the biggest on the island. The waterfall is more than 120 meters high. It is located in the middle of the tropical forest. The landscape is so wild that you will have the impression to have been teleported in a film straight out of Hollywood. You can find a lot of banana and coconut trees. Be careful when crossing the river and keep your balance!

Another celebrity of the island, we find the Cascades of Didier. The name is in the plural, because you can discover two waterfalls on the same route. The first one is at the end of a long tunnel of 100 meters.

Escape along the island's waterfalls
gastronomy martinique

The local gastronomy

Martinique is known for its cuisine with colors and flavors more intoxicating than the others. Tasting Creole cuisine in traditional restaurants of the island is good. Learning to cook with the hands of an authentic Creole chef is better! Culinary activities are very popular with tourists and locals alike. You can join one of the many famous kitchens on the island to prepare your own dishes, and enjoy them to boot.

We fell in love with the experience that several cooking workshops offer in Martinique. Auntie Maryse's workshop is a real favorite. From full menus to children's and teen specialties, to the basics and essentials of Martinique cooking, you're sure to enjoy yourself! Chicken Colombo, cod acras and shrimp bites, appetizers, drinks and desserts. There is something for everyone!

Eating well means eating locally!
Martinique Sea Excursion

Sea excursions

Discovering Martinique without going on a sea excursion is missing out on a lot!

Josephine's bathtub is a real marine pearl. It is located between Oscar islet and Thierry islet. The place is named after the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte who was a native of the island. The turquoise waters of this swim are breathtaking. This makes it the perfect place for sea excursions. Captain Gilles is waiting for you for an excursion of the islets without equal. You can go solo or in a group, the boats of the sea excursions take up to 12 passengers per trip.

The trip to the white bottoms of Josephine's bathtub is an experience not to be missed. A landscape that evokes the hypnotizing image that everyone has of the Caribbean. Fine white sand, turquoise water, and breathtaking wildlife.

Stroll along the islets with white bottoms
Kitesurfing in Martinique

Sports activities

Adrenaline lovers, buckle up! Flower Island is the perfect place to embrace your passion. And to discover others at the same time! You can start with kitesurfing at Pointe Faula. A mix of surfing and sailing for an unforgettable experience with family or friends. We've already mentioned it, but Mount Pelee is still a challenge if you're into sports and find yourself in Martinique.

No excuses! There are plenty of other activities waiting for you on the island, including our favorites: windsurfing, the Martinique Round Yole, surfing, windsurfing and diving. Thrill seekers are in for a treat! You won't be bored, and there is something for everyone.

Play sports in the tropics
Savane des Esclaves Martinique

Art and local culture

Martinique is a land rich in tradition and culture. These traditions are preserved and made available to you for your enjoyment. Discover the rich history of Martinique through its twenty or so museums that you can find all over the island.

The Slave Savannah is one of the most famous on the island. The museum is very different from the typical museum. With open-air booths. Each one is dedicated to a theme of the island's history. There are booths for cane juice, for traditional clothing, for chocolate making and a whole lot of other Martinican specialties. You can also visit a traditional creole and medicinal garden.

You can spend time in the other museums of the island. Among them: the banana museum which covers everything about the banana, an exotic fruit that has special flavors on the island.

Immerse yourself in the Martinique culture
La martinique quand il pleut

What to do when it rains

A gray sky this morning, a weather that is acting up, don't panic, the Tourcrib team has concocted a top 10 of activities to do in Martinique in case of bad weather! Fortunately, there are not only sandy beaches! What to discover in Martinique when it rains? If you are looking for an authentic experience, a complete immersion in the Creole culture, atypical encounters with the locals, whether you are already on the island of flowers or you plan to go there soon, get out your pencils and take notes!

Enjoy the island even when it rains
Martinique Anse d'Arlets

Photo spots

White and black sand, a rich culinary culture, an exceptional fauna and flora, Martinique is definitely a heavenly destination for instagram photography lovers.

We sourced our favorite instagram accounts to ask them what are the most instagram-movable spots in Martinique. We have gathered the 8 best photo spots that you will be proud to have in your feed!

Shoot the best spots on the island
Martinique museum of the Pagerie

The tourist sites

What to visit in Martinique? The small pearl of the Caribbean located in the middle of the Caribbean arc. Discovered in 1502 by Christopher Columbus, it has a great history since the time of the Arawaks, historical people of the island. Often known for its tropical climate, beaches and coconut trees, the island also has many places to visit. The island is also full of activities that you can discover throughout your stay. And if you are still hesitating, we give you some advice on the places to visit on the island.

Visit the island through its history
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