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Nature excursions in Martinique

In the heart of the island's varied vegetation

You love hiking, and you have planned a holiday in Martinique? Good news! This island is full of wonders.

Indeed, on more than 250 km of path, Martinique offers you very diverse landscapes. Mountains, waterfalls, forests, beaches, volcanoes, peaks, tropical vegetation, you will not be disappointed. The hiking routes are very varied, and you will find some for all levels. We will review the most beautiful points of interest of the island of flowers.

Hiking in Martinique : the most beautiful points of interest of the island

In Martinique, the paths are numerous and nature is everywhere. The Natural Park of Martinique alone covers 630 km², which is 2/3 of the total surface of the island. We have selected for you 4 unmissable hikes that will make you live an authentic adventure

Hiking in the south of Martinique : the Savane des Pétrifications

This hike is located in the extreme south of Martinique, in the commune of Saint-Anne. It is an arid and almost desert area, which is amazing for a tropical island like Martinique. It is a coastal path that is unlike any other, located on the Trace des Caps.

The usual route lasts about 2 hours round trip and is mostly flat. Be careful, there is no shade on this route, so you must protect yourself from the sun and bring enough water.

The volcanic hike in Martinique : the Montagne Pelée

Climbing the Montagne Pelée is a great classic when you go to Martinique. It is a popular hike, but nevertheless very accessible. Mount Pelée is the highest point of the island with its 1395 meters. At the top, you will have an incredible view on Saint Pierre and The Precheur.
You can choose between three routes to make your ascent: 

1) 4 hours round trip via Aileron;

2) 3 h 30 passing by Morne Macouba;
3) A 2 h 00 course passing by the Savane.

If you prefer, you can also go around the volcano by the Caldeira trail in 2 h 30.
This hike is not recommended for children.

The Morne Larcher

Morne Larcher is an ancient volcano that rises to 478 meters. This hike is difficult, but will allow you to have a magnificent view of the Diamond Rock, the town and the eastern coast of the south of the island. This hike lasts about 2 hours.

The Martinique hike in the heart of the nature reserve the path of the Presqu'île de la Caravelle

Another hike not to be missed. Located in the heart of a natural reserve, you will walk between dry forest, mangrove and coast. You will admire the Baie du Trésor and the islets of Robert at its summit. On an itinerary of 1 h 30 or 3 h 30, you will be subjugated by these beautiful landscapes.

If you prefer waterfalls to technical hikes, you will be able to admire a certain number of them in the North, on the Caribbean side. For example: Anba So waterfall, Ravine Baron waterfall, Couleuvre waterfall, Didier waterfall. You will not be deceived by the incredible scenery surrounding these waterfalls.

The best nature experiences in Martinique: 4x4, Quad and Buggy

You don't like walking ? You want to discover Martinique playfully? Different experiences in nature are possible on the island.

First, you can discover a wild Martinique on board a 4x4. Several agencies offer life-size tours in comfortable vehicles. Accompanied by a driver and a guide, you will see breathtaking panoramas. The unique tropical vegetation of the island will amaze you during your walks in the forest.

If you prefer quad biking, you will find what you need on the island. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, there are numerous tours available for you, in complete safety. If you wish to discover the sensations of Quad biking without having to drive, many guides propose to be a passenger.
These unique excursions will allow you to contemplate the Martinique nature uniquely.

Finally, you can discover or re-discover the buggy, very present on the island. This variation of vehicle resembles the Quad, but is equipped with seats, pedals and a steering wheel. The buggy is therefore closer to the car and often more comfortable. 

This activity is a little less sportive than the Quad, because the vehicle can not turn around. Both allow you to drive on rough roads in the middle of nature, in the North or the South of the island. Note: the buggy is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

The fauna and flora of Martinique: unique in the world

Martinique is one of the most beautiful examples of biodiversity in the world. Its fauna and flora are rich and varied: forest, coastline, sea, river. So many environments that promote a unique diversity in the world. 

If you go to Martinique, you will discover a humid vegetation in the tropical forests of the north of the island. The plant species are numerous and colorful. In these northern forests, you may have the chance to observe typical animals: mongooses, mapous, woodcocks, partridges.

On the southern coastline, you can see a dry forest. This sandy forest is home to mancenilla trees with toxic sap, cactus, almond trees and red gum trees. In this part of the island, you will also be able to see ornithological species sometimes endemic.

You will certainly have the chance to see for example white gorges, Savannah mockingbirds, zolotans or black fathers.

Finally, in the seas and rivers of Martinique, the fauna and flora flourish. The marine animals that can be observed are starfish, sea urchins and coral. The marine turtles, also present, are threatened and are protected nationally and internationally. 

Martinique is full of treasures, both animal and vegetable. On land or at sea, in the North as well as in the South, you will be able to admire the treasures that Martinique's nature offers. 

Precautions to take during a hike in Martinique

As you can see, Martinique is full of activities, unique experiences and trails. But there are precautions to take if you venture out alone on the trails. Forests, volcanoes, humidity, wind, animals, dangers can exist, and it is advisable to know them well.

Wet periods, from June to August, should be avoided, as tropical rains can make the trails difficult to walk on. 

Dangers are also found in the vegetation: for example, mancenilla trees can cause serious burns on contact. As for the fauna, some snakes, spiders and millipedes are poisonous, and some are fatal. 

A good knowledge of the island's meteorological hazards is also highly recommended avoiding taking risks on the trails. Finally, adequate hiking equipment is a must: shoes, raincoat, map, compass, first aid kit. Without all these precautions, you take risks.
If you are not familiar with the island and are not used to this type of climate, it is best to be accompanied by a certified guide. He will facilitate your experiences and advise you on the equipment to bring. As an expert in this particular terrain, he will protect you from dangers. He will also know how to make the right decisions according to the weather forecast. You will then be able to enjoy the treasures that the island of Martinique offers in complete peace of mind. 

Martinique is therefore an island rich in landscapes and varied experiences. It is far from being reduced to its paradisaical beaches that one can see on the prospectus. There are many hikes, exceptional activities, and unique fauna and flora in the world.

Many guides are ready to show you the most beautiful places in complete safety. The diversity of its landscapes will seduce you, and you will not leave disappointed about your trip on the other side of the Atlantic!

Questions fréquentes sur Nature excursion

  1. Paragliding around the island
  2. Canyoning in the heart of the river
  3. Hike to the top of Mount Pelee
  4. Visit the Garden of Balata
  5. Excursion in quad in the north of the island
  6. Immerse yourself in the mangrove of Génipa
  7. Experience the bath started to let go
  • Les Trois-Ilets
  • Grand'Rivière
  • Le Prêcheur
  • Saint-Pierre
  • Sainte-Marie
  • Fort-de-France

The best outdoor activities for families in Martinique are :

  • Hike to the top of Mount Pelee
  • Visit the Balata Garden
  • Horseback riding
  • Quad, buggy or 4x4 excursions in the north of the island
  • Immerse yourself in the mangrove of Génipa
  • Experience the bath started to let go
  • Paragliding around the island
  • Canyoning in the heart of the river
  • Hike to the top of Mount Pelee
  • Visit the Garden of Balata
  • Excursion in quad in the north of the island
  • Immerse yourself in the mangrove of Génipa
  • Experience the bath started to let go

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