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About us

Robeen Simeon
Co-founder | CEO
Marving Moreton
Co-founder | CMO
Fanny Sagne
Customer Success

We are the two co-founders of Tourcrib, a young Martinican company aspiring to promote islands and authentic travel. We are Robeen & Marving, two young people from Martinique who met when they were still children 15 years ago.

Growing up, traveling and gaining expertise in our field, we realized that a desire animated the three of us. That of contributing to the community and of giving back to Martinique all that it has given us, on the island and from a distance.

Respect, mutual aid, culture and exchanges, these are the values that made us what we are today and which led us to join in order to create Tourcrib.


Tourcrib is an online platform for tourist activities in the form of the collaborative economy model. The platform brings together locals from Martinique and tourists on the same theme : Authentic and unforgettable experiences with locals in love with Martinique.

In order to offer a catalogue of unique and varied experiences, we do not exclude tourism professionals recognized for the quality of their activity. These professionals, like our local guides, are selected according to rigorous criteria which illustrate the particular distinction of the excursion they offer.


Tourcrib is the contraction of « tour » and « crib ». Two English words meaning excursion and house respectively. In short, Tourcrib is the home of excursions.

We aim to become the benchmark for authentic experiences on the islands. Our raison d’être is to give travelers the keys to explore the island like only the locals can do.