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The beach of the village of anses d'Arlet

Beach at Anses d'Arlet, Martinique

  • Icone étoile Rating : 4/5
  • Icone étoile Type of sand : White
  • Icone information Attendance : High

The beach of Anses Arlet Bourg is one of the various beaches of Anses Arlet. It is located far from the big seaside resorts of Martinique, which makes it an ideal destination for tourists looking for peace and quiet.  Anse-du-Bourg will enchant you with its fine blond sand and clear turquoise water. In 2021, enjoy a relaxing stay on the Anses Arlet beaches of Martinique.

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Description of the beach of the Arlet coves Bourg

The beaches of the Arlet coves are renowned for their calm turquoise waters and their authentic tropical charms. The beach of Anse-du-Bourg with its crystal clear water and fine sand offers a wonderful tropical setting. Anses Arlet beach is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the Caribbean atmosphere.

The beach of Anse-du-Bourg has a panoramic view of the old church of Saint-Henri. The church of Saint-Henri is one of the oldest churches on the peninsula, dating from the XVIIᵉ century. The church provides an authentic backdrop to the beach at Anse-du-Bourg. Despite the many fires and natural disasters it has suffered, the Saint-Henri church has retained its charm.

What to do on the beaches of Anses d'Arlet?

Water sports lovers looking for adventure and adrenaline will be more than happy to visit the beach of Anse-du-Bourg. The tropical beach of Martinique is home to an important ecosystem where several marine species live. We invite you to go scuba diving or snorkeling. Discover all the richness of the sea bed of Anses Arlet beach. Swim next to the splendid colored fish and admire their sarabandes.

We also invite you to see the famous cluster of rocks that gives a unique charm to the fauna of Anses Arlet beaches. Located a few meters from the beach of Anses Arlet Bourg, the rocky outcrop is a superb tourist attraction for divers from all over the world. Moreover, the rocky outcrop with its three meters depth is very appreciated by the marine species of the beach.

Besides swimming and snorkeling, you can try various other water sports. Go with your partner to discover the Caribbean Sea on a Jet Ski. Take on the small waves of Anses Arlet beaches with your windsurfer or hoverboard.

The beach of Anse-du-Bourg is an ideal tourist destination for families. Thanks to its calm and tranquility, the tropical beach offers a perfect place to organize a picnic. Enjoy your delicious homemade dishes in an authentic Caribbean setting.

How to get to the beach of Anses Arlet Bourg ?

The beach of Anses Arlet Bourg is located along the D7 road. The most convenient way to get to Anses Arlet beaches from Fort-De-France is by car. You will just have to follow the A1, continue your road by taking the N5 then the D7. On the way, you will have the opportunity to admire the various panoramic views of the famous Anses road.

The excellent family beach

The beach of Anses Arlet Bourg is an excellent family getaway in Martinique. Your children will be able to admire the lush wildlife and beautiful marine life of the peninsula. Nestled away from the luxurious hotels and large resorts, the Anses Arlet beaches are perfect for reconnecting with nature!

The city of Anses-d'Arlet in 5 questions

How many inhabitants are there in Anses-d'Arlet ?

3 587 habitants

Surface area and density of the commune

Surface Area: 26 km2
Density :  138 km2

What to do and see in Anses-d'Arlet?

  • The ː Morne Larcher (478 m), Morne Jacqueline (223 m), Morne Genty (400 m), Morne Champagne (104 m), Morne Réduit Masson (194 m), Morne Mathurin (273 m), Morne Réduit (307 m), Morne Yoyo (294 m), Morne Baguidi (146 m), Gros Morne (264 m), Morne Bigot (467 m) are part of the volcanic and forested areas of Martinique, proposed since 2014, to the World Heritage classification.
  • The church of Saint-Henri in Anses-d'Arlet, on the edge of the beach, is known as one of the most beautiful sites in Martinique, especially because of its exact alignment with the pier. This church was affected by Hurricane Dean in 2007, it was completely restored to its pre-19301 appearance in 2008.
  • The coastal hiking trail, starting from Anse d'Arlet, along the Morne Champagne, joining Grande Anse, then Anse Dufour through the forests of Morne Réduit.

Information about the Town Hall

Information about the Town Hall

Rue Félix-Éboué

Téléphone : +596 596 68 62 02

Opening hours :
Monday: 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Tuesday to Wednesday: 7:30 am to 1:30 pm

Thursday: 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Friday: 7:30 am to 1:30 pm

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