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The Sinai Beach

Beach at Grand'Rivière, Martinique

  • Icone étoile Rating : 3/5
  • Icone étoile Type of sand : Black
  • Icone information Attendance : Low

La plage Sinaï est l’une des destinations les plus sous-estimées en Martinique. Avec sa végétation dense luxuriante et la clarté de ses eaux cristallines, Sinaï plage est l’endroit idéal à visiter en Martinique.

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Located in the North of Martinique, Sinaï beach is known for its calm and tranquility. You will be able to enjoy your idleness vacations while taking advantage of the warm waters. At the same time, don't hesitate to take out your cameras to take your most beautiful pictures in Martinique.

Description of Sinai beach

Known for its beautiful strip of black sand, Sinaï beach delights local and foreign visitors. Located at the foot of the splendid cliffs of Grand'Rivière, Sinaï beach offers an unprecedented natural setting. The Nordic beach is home to several coconut trees and shrubs that give it an exceptional natural charm. In addition, Sinaï beach offers a panoramic view of the island of Dominica. A charm worthy of the best postcards.

The volcanic beach is very little frequented by visitors because of its delicate location. This makes it the perfect place to relax and not worry about the problems of everyday life. Just spread out your towels and admire the wild beauty of Sinai Beach.

Practical information

Before leaving to discover Sinai beach, there are several things to know.

The currents of Sinai beach are quite strong. It is not recommended to take your children or inexperienced swimmers with you. We ask you to stay alert and swim at the edge of the beach. The development of the Grand'Rivière fishing port has contributed to the enlargement of Sinai Beach.

What to do near Sinai Beach?

One of the best activities to do near Sinai Beach is to visit Mount Pelee. The famous mountain is home to the volcano that destroyed the city of Saint Pierre in 1902.

One of the main activities in Grand'Rivière is fishing. Don't hesitate to ask the local fishermen to show you the secrets of the trade. Even the most experienced fishermen among you will have a lot to learn from the Martinican fishermen.

For the gourmet tourists, we invite you to taste the delicious dishes of the local restaurants. The restaurants along the coast of Sinai Beach offer a wide range of fish and chip dishes.

For tourists looking for new horizons, we invite you to visit Anse Couleuvre. The trip is by boat from the fishing port of Sinai Beach.

If you like competition, don't hesitate to participate in canyoning and climbing competitions. Several local organizations organize this kind of competition. This can be an excellent opportunity for you to get back into shape.

How to get to Sinai Beach?

The beach of Sinaï plage is located in the commune of Grand'Rivière. To reach Grand'Rivière from Fort-de-France, take the A1 and then the N1. On the way, you will pass by the town of Macouba and Basse Pointe.

Do not hesitate to rest in these two communes and discover the surroundings. After these two towns, continue straight ahead by taking the D10. Once in Grand'Rivière, you will only have to go along the coast to reach Sinaï plage.

To conclude, Sinaï plage is one of the most underestimated beaches of Martinique. We strongly invite you to go to Sinaï plage. Its natural decor and its tranquility will mark your stay in Martinique.

The city of Grand'Rivière in 5 questions

How many inhabitants are there in Grand Riviere?

721 inhabitants

Surface area and density of the commune

Area: 17 km2

Density: 43 km2

What to do and see in Grand Riviere?

  • The village
  • Paul-Emile-Victor House
  • The cliffs
  • The village port
  • The great river
  • The Sainte-Catherine-d'Alexandrie church
  • The communal school
  • The Float
  • The cemetery
  • The Virgin of the Sailors
  • The Church of Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Where to sleep and eat in Grand'Rivière

Tante Arlette: It is neither more nor less than the oldest restaurant on the island! A hotel-restaurant that has kept its authenticity through time.

Information about the Town Hall

71, avenue du Général-de-Gaulle97218 Grand'RivièreTelephone: +596 55 77 77

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