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Things to do in Martinique

Live memorable experiences in Martinique

Types of tourist activities to do in Martinique 

Martinique not only offers you its dream landscapes, but also a whole range of tourist activities to discover! Sea outings, nature hikes, culinary discoveries, cultural adventures and wellness rests: the activities to do in Martinique are all unforgettable experiences to share with your family, your partner or your friends!

If you are wondering "What to do in Martinique?"don't wait any longer and follow the guide! 

Sea excursions/sea trips

The number one asset of Martinique is of course its turquoise waters and its idyllic seaside setting, offered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea which border it. Lovers of sea excursions will be more than seduced by the possibilities offered to you: boat trips, scuba diving, swimming with dolphins... Martinique offers varied and unforgettable sea trips.
The Caribbean Sea is calmer and has wonderful creeks, white sand beaches and turquoise water. It's perfect for a refreshing swim and relaxation break. In this idyllic setting, you can easily observe the local fauna, on board a boat or during a snorkelling trip: tropical fish, dolphins, and even whales!
Martinique is full of magnificent coral reefs that can be observed during a scuba diving trip. The Diamond Rock is the site not to be missed by diving enthusiasts.

In the North of the island, you will observe black sand and mysterious wrecks. In the south, magnificent multicoloured fish and breathtaking coral reefs will make your trip unforgettable!

On the Atlantic Ocean side, you will find wilder landscapes, to be discovered during a catamaran or motorboat trip. For the more adventurous, you can also practice the water scooter or kayak, to discover the mangroves and many natural areas by the sea!

It is on this side of the island that you can admire the famous white bottoms of Martinique. This particularity of the island is absolutely essential for those who appreciate the beauty of transparent water.

Hiking in Martinique

If Martinique is famous for its fine sandy beaches and turquoise waters, it also abounds in lush vegetation and  admirable nature walks. More than 250 kilometers of trails to explore during incredible nature hikes!

The hike to Mount Pelee is a must to discover the volcanic landscapes of Martinique. It allows you to reach the highest point of the island, at 1,395 meters high! Panoramic view guaranteed. Three routes are proposed to climb Mount Pelee, depending on the time you have and the level of difficulty you want.

There is another volcano on the island that is worth a visit: Morne Larcher. Culminating at 478 meters, this peak of volcanic origin is only available to experienced hikers. Indeed, this two-hour excursion is rather difficult, but it offers a breathtaking view.

For those who prefer waterfalls to volcanoes, you will have to go to the North of the island! Waterfalls are numerous and are inserted in idyllic landscapes. It's perfect for a fresh break!

You will also love hiking in the heart of the Caravelle nature reserve. The mangroves, the dry forest and other surprising scenery will attract the curiosity of young and old alike.

Several nature hikes are accessible by motorized vehicles: quad, 4x4 and buggy, according to your preferences. Do not hesitate to ask for the services of a guide and a driver to discover the secrets of the island without worrying about the road! 

Culinary workshops

Does Martinique's gastronomy appeal to you? Don't hesitate to learn its secrets during a Martinique cooking workshop. It's an original experience, to share with family or friends, that you won't forget!
The culinary workshops will allow you to learn how to master a typical local dish: fierce avocado, smoked chicken or plantain gratin! It's a wonderful way to discover new flavors and to learn how to cook them, so that you can reproduce the dish, even after the holidays!
Why not start with a trip to the market? There's no better way to experience the local produce. The merchants will certainly invite you to taste the seasonal fruits and vegetables or the Accra of the moment. It's also the opportunity to taste the local liquors and cocktails, based on rum.
It is also possible to take advantage of the culinary walks, to discover Martinique through its gastronomic wealth. You will discover the history of the local cuisine while passing by typical and original places. An original activity of which you will keep precious memories! 

Health and wellness activities

Why not take advantage of these holidays in Martinique to take care of yourself? Lazing on the beach, by the transparent water, is ideal to relax. The beach, as well as the lush forests, are perfect places for a meditation session, in the morning for more calm.

In the evening, however, the sunsets are breathtaking! You can practice on your own or with a guide, during a group meditation.
The island also offers many places dedicated exclusively to relaxation: spa, sauna, hammam, always in paradisaical settings. You can also enjoy wonderful massages, to perfect your moment of well-being.
Why not take the opportunity to try out an ancestral practice: the bath started ! The opportunity to benefit from masks, care, refreshments and bathing in the waterfall: everything to relax and spend a pleasant moment! This is one of the activities to do in Martinique that you will remember for a long time.
Good to know: there are also natural spas in the forest. For the more adventurous and nature lovers, it will be a incredible opportunity to take clay baths! Incredible, isn't it? Keep your eyes open during your hikes!
What to do in Martinique if you like sports activities? The most intrepid will try windsurfing, wakeboarding, paddle yoga or surfing. For those who prefer a more terrestrial activity, beautiful yoga sessions are regularly given on the beach. 

Cultural activities

Martinique is not only a dream environment: it is also a history and a culture unique in the world. The island has hundreds of historical monuments, a rich cultural heritage and a history that is urgently needed to be discovered.
The Slave Savannah is a must to discover the history of this period, which lasted 400 years. In an American Indian village, you will discover the living conditions of the slaves who came from Africa to work in the sugar cane plantations.
The Schoelcher library is also worth a visit. It impresses by its architecture in yellow and red mosaic, which allows it to be classified as a Historical Monument. You will discover the history of this high place of culture, disrupted in 1890 by a fire that destroyed most of the works of the time.

In Saint-Pierre, you can take a leap in time and go back to 1902, the year when the city was buried by the lava of the erupting Mount Pelee.

The ruins of the past offer a striking and mysterious walk, not to be missed. The best way to get there is by taking the Cyparis train, to discover the remains of an old theatre, colonial houses, a church... 
Throughout the island, you will easily notice the African heritage, especially in the wooden or iron objects. Don't miss visiting one of the many rum factories, a must for any visitor to Martinique! It will be the opportunity to discover a unique know-how and renowned throughout the world! 

Independent activities (rental)

For those who prefer to be self-sufficient, it is quite possible to rent motorboats to explore the Martinique coastline. This is ideal if you are a large group, as some boats can accommodate up to eight people!
Want to share a fun moment with friends or family? Why not rent a donut boat, and spend the day at sea enjoying a catered menu or your own grills?

For families with children, you will love the pedal boats with toboggan, which will amuse young and old alike! These two machines are accessible even without a boat license.

For the more sporty, you can arm yourself with paddles and rent kayaks, in order to discover the mysterious mangroves that populate some seashores. Chancel Island is also a magnificent spot to explore by kayak, to admire the iguanas and starfish!

Finally, if you prefer to rent a land vehicle, you will have the choice between cars, quad, buggy, etc. Make sure you know your itinerary before you set off!

Farniente, sea outings, nature hikes, culinary or cultural discoveries, guided or self-guided walks: the activities to do in Martinique are as rich as the history of the island!

Young and old will easily find their happiness. The island is full of everything you need to spend a holiday you won't soon forget! So when do you embark? 

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  • Discover the coastline during a sea trip
  • Memorial of Anse Cafard, also known as Cap 110 : monument of the Martinican Laurent Valère commemorating the shipwreck of a slave ship and paying tribute to the victims of the slave trade;
  • The Grande Anse du Diamant beach, a 3 kilometer long beach;
  • Donuts Boat Excursion
  • Escape Games
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  • Day 1: Beginning of the tour at the market of Fort-de-France & Jardin de Balata & Sacred Heart Church
  • Day 2: Saint-Pierre & Memorial of the 1902 disaster
  • Day 3: Depaz Distillery & Banana Museum
  • Day 4: Habitation Saint-Etienne & Presqu'île de la Caravelle
  • Day 5: Josephine's bath & Savane des pétrifications
  • Day 6: Grande Anse des Salines (beach rest)
  • Day 7: Morne Larcher, Le Diamant & Cap 110
  • Day 8: Anses d'Arlet, the photo moment of the tour
  • Day 9 : Les Trois Îlets & the Savane des Esclaves
  • Day 10: Didier waterfall (Schœlcher) & end of your tour at Lamentin airport

You are probably wondering what to do in Martinique when it rains, we have the answer:

  • Visit a museum
  • Visit a distillery
  • Discover the covered market of Fort-de-France
  • Go swimming with the turtles at Anse Dufour
  • Go diving
  • Walk under water
  • Excursion in a buggy
  • Massage day on the Islet Chevalier
  • Relaxing walk "an ti chapé

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