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Flight to Martinique: we tell you when to book!

If you are planning to go to Martinique for your next vacation, you will find in this article all the information you need to organize your flight, the airports of departure and arrival, as well as the price of plane tickets to Martinique!

The airports in Martinique

There is only one airport in Martinique. Thus, you can't go to the wrong airport when you book your tickets. It is the international airport of Martinique-Aimé-Césaire (FDF), which is located in Fort-de-France.

Ront point de l'aéroport Martinique - Aimé Césaire

Travel time from France

If you have decided to fly from France, you should know that you will have to go through Paris, and particularly through Orly airport, as this is the only one with direct flights to Fort de France airport.

However, as the table below shows, it is possible to leave from the airport closest to your home and then take a connection from Orly airport.

Flights from France to Martinique

Airport of departure

Number of stops

Travel time

Beauvais (BVA)

No flights


Bordeaux (BOD)

1 escale minimum (ORY)

12:50 minimum

Carcassonne (CCF)

No flights

12:50 minimum

Lille (LIL)

One stopover minimum (ORLY)

15 :00 minimum

Lyon (LYS)

One stopover minimum (ORLY)

10:55 minimum

Marseille (MRS)

One stopover minimum (ORLY)

11 :20 minimum

Montpellier (MPL)

One stopover minimum (ORLY)

11 :10 minimum

Mulhouse (MLH)

One stopover minimum (ORLY)

12 :30 minimum

Nantes (NTE)

One stopover minimum (ORLY)

15 :40 minimum

Nice (NCE)

One stopover minimum (ORLY)

11 :10 minimum

Paris-Orly (ORY)


07 : 30 TO 9 : 00

Strasbourg (SXB)

One stopover minimum (NCE & ORLY)

13 :05 minimum

Toulouse (TLS)

One stopover minimum (ORLY)

11 :25 minimum

The exceptions to this rule are the airports of Beauvais and Carcassonne, from which you will not find any connections. However, in the case of Beauvais, you will only need to connect to Paris, and from Carcassonne, you have the option of taking off from Toulouse or Montpellier.

If you have chosen a connection, be careful with your arrival airport once in Paris, because in some cases, you will have to change between Roissy and Orly.

This is not really desirable, as it will make you lose time and may cost you a lot of money if you decide to take a cab or public transport. In this case, it is better to reach Paris by train or by car.

You have decided to take the car to go to the airport? Remember to reserve your parking space in advance. Parking at Paris-Orly is among the most expensive in the country, especially if you have not reserved or if you are leaving during a school vacation.

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Flight plane tickets martinique

To ensure the best rate, consider private parking providers near airports as well, as they often prove financially attractive. To do this, using a comparison platform like Parkivé will save you time and allow you to easily find out what options are available and the best prices for your dates.

The price of tickets to Martinique

The price of airline tickets to Martinique varies mainly according to 3 factors:

  • The period of your departure;
  • The time of your booking;
  • The airline of your choice;

The price according to the period

The price of tickets to Martinique tends to increase during the most popular tourist periods.

Thus, the months of December and February are by far the most expensive, with an average price of around 700 € A/R if you book several months in advance. The less popular periods of the year, such as July, are considerably cheaper. You can find tickets as low as €280 round trip.

The importance of booking your plane ticket to Martinique in advance

Airfare varies according to supply and demand, which is why you will often find the most affordable prices by booking in advance. Martinique is no exception to this rule.

Generally speaking, to find the best price for your ticket, we recommend that you book at least 4 months in advance. You should also be aware that some flight comparators allow you to set up alerts when prices fall below the average observed last year, or by an amount that you set beforehand.

Prices according to airline companies

3 airlines offer flights to Martinique from France: Corsair, Air Caraibes and Air France. If Corsair and Air Caraibes prices are most often aligned, it is not the case of Air France, which is regularly considerably more expensive than the competition. At certain times, Air France's prices can be more than double those of other airlines. So make sure you make the right choice, so you don't pay more unnecessarily and inflate your budget for your activities in Martinique.

Flights to the beach in Martinique

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