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How to anticipate your car rental in Martinique ?

Do you want to spend a vacation in Martinique? Renting a car makes it easier for you to enjoy all the attractions of the destination at your own pace. So, what are you waiting for to rent a car adapted to your needs? In this article, discover all the advantages of renting a car in Martinique.

Why choose a car rental in Martinique ?

Car rental is an economical and simple solution to enjoy your vacation. Thus, you receive your keys and benefit from a car on all options to your expectations.

Location voiture Martinique

A great autonomy

The greatest asset of car rental in Martinique is the freedom it provides. Thus, you can move at your own pace, stop to take pictures on a heavenly beach!

Having a rental car at your disposal also allows you to go from one point to another without any constraints. You can also fill up your tank and enjoy unlimited mileage on the country's roads.

Flexibility and economy

In some agencies, it is possible to find a rental with a reasonable price and a good quality of service to give you a dream stay during the trip. Financially, renting a car for a vacation in Martinique is very advantageous since it allows you to make some savings on travel.

In addition, there are multiple offers, namely the camper van to take advantage of savings on accommodation, the minivan for your family, the utility or the cheap city car. With the car rental, the costs of repairs, insurances and other technical controls are no longer at your expense.

The various services

First of all, for your stay to go well, it is preferable to specify the date of your stay (start and end date of the rental), the type of vehicle you want with all the conditions to your needs. So, whether it is for a business trip or for a long vacation, take advantage of the multiple services offered by car rental companies. Thus, you will have a wide choice of vehicles, several services at your disposal, etc.

When to make a car rental reservation in Martinique ?

location voiture martinique contrat

During the low season

Cheaper car rentals, quiet location and few tourists, there is nothing more advantageous than to make a reservation in low season. Between June and November, rental cars are more plentiful. Due to the law of supply and demand, you will have the opportunity to choose the ones that suit you best while benefiting from the best rates. On the other hand, if you make a reservation during the high season, you may run into a queue that will leave you with a much smaller choice... Indeed, we are talking about experiences!

Rent your car cheaper in advance

Renting your car in advance will allow you to make an informed choice to compare all the offers available online. This will give you more time to call the rental companies to check if they have a promotion on the rental and validate the seriousness of the provider.

You will be able to benefit from exceptional promotions with a reduced price. In case you are unable to make a reservation online, you can come directly to the agency. On the spot, you can make a car rental in Martinique with the help of an adviser who will accompany you in all the steps to take.

It is preferable to reserve a vehicle 2 months in advance to avoid any incident. Indeed, in high season, rental companies do not hesitate to raise the stakes for last minute rentals.

Where to rent a car in Martinique ?

In Martinique, the rental depends mainly on your preferences. You have several choices on car rental companies in Martinique, namely an independent rental company, rental agencies or online rental sites. The choice is in your hands.

A rental agency

Most people go to a traditional car rental agency for car rental on the island.

In fact, there are many agencies in Martinique: Europcar, Hertz, Jumbocar, Rent a Car, etc. Depending on your profile, you can choose a suv, a sedan, a convertible, a minibus, etc.

These agencies almost all have a branch at Aimé Césaire airport, which allows you to pick up a rental car without having to travel. However, it is necessary to plan one hour or several hours to carry out all the formalities necessary to recover your vehicle.

Touriste en voiture le bord de la plage

Independent car rental company

With the development of the circular economy, private car rental companies have become very numerous.

Moreover, they offer interesting prices to surpass the big agencies. Overall, they offer travelers a rental service that better meets their expectations. So, you have a wide choice such as Alwego, Zotcar or Alizes Location.

The good thing about these rental companies is that they always try to satisfy the needs of the travelers, as much as possible of course! For example, you can ask them to deliver your car next to the airport or at the place of your vacation. Furthermore, they give great importance to the conditions of breakdown service, various insurances, etc.

Online booking with rental websites

Booking a rental car through the rental websites allows you to save some time in order to have the best options, especially on the rate, the recovery of the vehicle, etc.

Thus, to take advantage of this opportunity, you can go to the following platforms: Kayak, Liligo, Carigami or Autoescape. These car rental sites offer you a fairly affordable rate with advantageous conditions. Thus, they will be able to deliver you a car as soon as you arrive at Aimé Césaire airport.

Which agency to choose for car rental in Martinique?

By engaging with Zotcar, you will benefit from many advantages in an ecological and citizen approach.

Zotcar, choose an ideal car

You will have the privilege to choose a car adapted to your expectations thanks to the types of cars proposed by the agency, namely the Citadin, the Utility, the Sedan, the Family, the Minibus 4X4 SUV or the model (Golf, Clio...)

With Zotcar, you drive safely

To spend a safe stay with Zotcar, the agency emphasizes all the smallest details so that travelers have peace of mind.

For example, a car must have comprehensive insurance and there is already a replacement car in case of a breakdown. If you plan to change your car, you will have 24 hours to make the right choice. Zotcar also promises 24/7 personal assistance.

Tips to avoid traffic jams during your trip to Martinique

When it comes to traffic jams, all drivers are equal. In fact, some master the Zen attitude, others are quickly annoyed. However, anger does not advance a line of vehicles. Here are some driving rules to follow to avoid traffic jams during your trip to Martinique.

Schedule of traffic jams

Traffic jams can slow down your vacation in Martinique. So, how to avoid them? You just have to leave at a different time!

So, here are the traffic jam schedules. Expect traffic jams and slowdowns on the road linking Lamentin, Fort-de-France, Ducos, Saint-Joseph and Schœlcher, from 7 am to 9 am. During office hours, between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm, there are also some traffic jams on the directions leaving Fort-de-France and the center. On Wednesdays and Fridays, traffic is very heavy, so avoid driving in the center between 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Reducing speed to reduce risk

Some people have a few tips on how to effectively get out of traffic jams. In fact, studies have shown that reducing speeds along stretches of road promotes high frequency and could generate traffic jams.

In other words, if a car's speed is reduced before entering the traffic jam, it will drive slower, but smoother while saving gas. In this case, it gets out of the traffic jam faster. So, for your trips to Martinique, adopt this little trick to enjoy your trip and to arrive on time according to your expectations!

Which rental car is ideal?

Before choosing a car, it is best to ask a few questions: who will be with you during the trip? The number of people will determine the ideal car for your vacation.

Exemple d'une voiture de location en Martinique

A car for two or three people

Two people do not need to rent a large vehicle. If your budget is tight, you can choose an A1 category, a KIA Picanto for example. Very safe, handy and easy to drive, this type of car would be ideal for a couple.

For parents with two children, you can opt for a B1 category like the Dacia Stepway or the Sandero. In case you want to drive a long way, it is better to choose a Diesel. This way, you will save on gas, and you will make your rental more profitable.

A car compatible for large families

If you are planning a vacation with a large family, you need to choose spacious models. So, opt for a 7-seater vehicle like the Hibiscus for the comfort of your loved ones.

With its great spaces, you will have more seats, and you will also be able to place a good number of luggage or suitcases that will be useful for your vacations. In fact, the big cars are Diesel types, which allow you to spend on gasoline.

Car ride in Martinique

Do you want to go to the top of Mount Pelee and have a breathtaking view of the sea from the top? To make this dream come true, you absolutely need to rent a car in Martinique that best meets your expectations. So, you can make a reservation in traditional rental agencies, on online platforms or with a private individual.

So, what are you waiting for, are you planning your vacation for an unforgettable stay?🏝

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