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Anse Cafard Beach

Beach at Diamant, Martinique

  • Icone étoile Rating : 4/5
  • Icone étoile Type of sand : White
  • Icone information Attendance : Medium

The beach of Anse Cafard is located in the south of the island of Martinique. It is located in the commune of Le Diamant and in the extension of the Grande Anse du Diamant. Rest assured that the name of the beach has nothing to do with insects. The beach of Anse Cafard owes its name to Jean Caffard, a settler who lived there.

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To enjoy a superb sunset with a view on the Diamond Rock, go to the beach of Anse Cafard ! Thanks to its location in the south of the island, it offers surely one of the best viewpoints on the rock. The beach stretches between the beautiful Morne Larcher and Anse Diamant and is lined with coconut trees. A superb place of the Caribbean coast located at a few steps from the famous rock.

Easy to access from the town of Le Diamant, you can practice many water activities. The wind that blows there calls for caution when swimming, but the beach is still a very pleasant place for all.

A nice walk along the seafront from the village with a view of the Diamond rock will allow you to get there without using a car.

Although it is not as large as its neighbor, the Diamant beach, it is still a very pleasant beach. It is the most western beach of the commune and its unique situation offers a breathtaking view on the rock.

The beach of Anse Cafard is a very beautiful white sand beach that gently descends towards the Caribbean Sea. It is framed by the large beach of Diamant on one side and the imposing Morne Larcher on the other. The place is pleasant and shady thanks to the coconut trees that line the beach. Although it is in the southern part of the island, on the Caribbean side, where the beaches are generally calm, don't be mistaken! You will have to be careful during your visit and in particular during the bathing of the children.  Indeed, the rollers and currents are quite strong and can drag you out to sea.

Beware of the sea currents!

Don't hesitate to swim with flippers to help you! These currents and the winds also have an advantage. You will find an excellent playground if you want to practice kite surfing or bodyboarding.

The spot is indeed exposed to south and southeast swells. A wind that sometimes brings some algae on the beach, without any consequence for your swimming. You can also rent a jet ski or a boat to explore the coast in an original way.

Eating on the beach of Anse Cafard

If you want to have a picnic, we advise you to walk a little bit to the beach of Le Diamant. Tables and benches are scattered under the coconut trees. On the beach of Anse Cafard you will find small typical restaurants. The opportunity to enjoy a cocktail while admiring the rock of Le Diamant. It is also an ideal spot for sunset lovers. You will find many other bars and restaurants by going up to the commune of Le Diamant. And you can always go directly to the town of Le Diamant where you will find a plethora of places to eat.

The surroundings of Anse Cafard

On Anse Cafard itself you can visit Cap 110, a memorial created in honor of the slaves. It was erected during the 150ᵉ anniversary of the abolition of slavery in 1998, at the initiative of the commune of Le Diamant.

For walkers, climb up Morne Larcher, which ends the beach at Anse Cafard. You will be rewarded by a superb panorama of the bay of Le Diamant and its rock. However, you will not be able to go to the top, unreachable because of the very dense vegetation in this area. The trail starts from Anse Cafard to reach the village of Petite Anse and can be done in both directions.

The most famous tourist spot around Anse Cafard is of course the Diamond Rock. You can explore its surroundings during a scuba diving trip. It is one of the best spots in Martinique according to divers!

Stroll also on the beach of Diamant. It extends the Anse Cafard on a long strip of white sand that will lead you straight to the town. All along your walk, you will enjoy a breathtaking view on the rock! The town of Le Diamant is the starting point of many water activities and hikes, a lively and dynamic place.

Map & access to the beach

The access to the beach of Anse Cafard is relatively simple. You just have to take the road that goes from Diamant to Anses d'Arlet. The access is about 1.5 kilometers from the town of Le Diamant.  

Parking : You can park at l'Anse itself, along the road or in the parking lots of the restaurants. If you come from Le Diamant, you can walk up the main beach from the town for a few kilometers to reach Anse Cafard.

The beach of Anse Cafard is therefore an ideal place to spend the day if you are in the Diamant area. A place that will please lovers of water sports and scuba diving. It is a beautiful beach, but the rollers and the strong currents oblige to be more vigilant for swimming. It is surely one of the best spots on the island to enjoy a spectacular sunset on the Diamond Rock.

The city of Le Diamant in 6 questions

What to do or see in Le Diamant ?

  • Grande Anse du Diamant, 3 kilometers long beach;
  • Saint-Thomas church;
  • Médard Aribot's house, known as the convict's house, at the foot of Morne Larcher, a famous mountain also called "the lying woman" because of its shape.
  • Memorial of Anse Cafard, known as Cap 110: monument of the Martiniquais Laurent Valère commemorating the shipwreck of a slave ship and paying tribute to the victims of the slave trade;
  • Coastal forest of Dizac;
  • Diamond Museum, located next to the town hall and in front of the pontoon of Le Diamant;
  • Bronze sculpture "Neg Mawon";
  • Museum of shells;

How many inhabitants are there in Le Diamant ?

5642 inhabitants

Surface area and density of the commune

Area: 27 km2

Density: 206/km2

Where to sleep?

  • Diamond Beach Hotel Residence - Ravine Gens Bois
  • Marine Hotel - Le Chery
  • Residence hotel Diamant les Bains - 92 Rue Justin Roc

The best restaurants in town

  • Planet Diamond - 4 Rue Justin Roc, 97223
  • Poyo Rico - 15 Rue a Tertulien Duville, 97223
  • Little Rock - 36 Rue Justin Roc, 97223

Information about the Town Hall

Rue Justin-Roc 97223

Le Diamant

Telephone: +596 596 76 40 11

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