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The commune of Trois-Ilets is located in the southwest of Martinique, on le Diamant Peninsula with a panoramic view of the bay of Fort-de-France. Being crossed by the road of the Anses, the town of Trois-Îlets is accessible both by car, but also by shuttle boat from Fort-de-France! The shuttles are a real mode of public transportation that the locals also used to get to work, for example.

The commune positions itself on four urban points of interest:

  • L’anse à l’Ane (beach with an exceptional view of the islet ramier)
  • Mitan cove (central beach)
  • The village, composed of the administrative buildings and the church of Trois-Ilets
  • La Pointe du Bout (peninsular beach facing the bay of Fort-de-France)

The village has kept a pictorial charm quite different from the other towns on the island. It thus shelters the oldest pottery manufacturing company which created the tiles and bricks that characterize the village.

It is also in Les Trois Ilets, that Marie Josèphe Rose Tascher de La Pagerie was born, which will give the domain of La Pagerie and today, the Museum of La Pagerie.

She had a remarkable destiny that began at the age of 16, when she left Martinique to marry Alexandre de Beauharnais. Her husband was executed during the Terror. To learn more about the Museum of La Pagerie, the colonialist history of the family of Josephine and the island of Martinique, you will find a set of information on the site

The city of Trois-Îlets in 6 questions

Information about the Town Hall

Centre administratif
1 rue Épiphane-de-Moirans

Phone: +596 596 68 31 11

Opening hours
Monday : from 7am30 to 1pm30 and from 2pm30 to 5pm
Tuesday to Wednesday: from 7am30 to 1pm30
Thursday: from 7am30 to 1pm30 and from 2pm30 to 5pm
Friday: from 7am30 to 1pm30

Meilleurs restaurants de la ville

  • L’annexe – +596 596 40 28 22
  • Le Bistrot d’en face – +596 596 76 03 87
  • Le Ti Taurus – +596 596 76 33 39

Where to sleep?

  • Carayou Hôtel & Spa – +596 596 66 04 04
  • La Pagerie – Tropical Garden Hotel – Rue du chacha, la pointe du bout, 97229 – +596 596 66 05 30
  • Hotel Bakoua – Rue du chacha, la pointe du bout, 97229 – +596 596 66 02 02
  • Hotel Bambou – Anse Mitan, 97229 – +596 596 66 01 39

How many inhabitants are there in Trois-Ilets?

7 339 inhabitants

What to do or see in Trois-Ilets?

  • The Museum of La Pagerie ;
  • Pointe du Bout Marina ;
  • The domain Château-Gaillard ;
  • Casino de la Pointe du Bout ;
  • The House of the Cane ;
  • Notre-Dame-de-la-Bonne-Délivrance church ;
  • The Savannah of the slaves;
  • Residence The Sugar Factory ;
  • The Village of the Pottery ;
  • The Vatable forest and the mangrove.

Surface area and density of the municipality

Area : 29 km2
Density : 257/km²

What activities can we do in Trois-Îlets ?

22 activities to do

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What are the spots to visit in Trois-Îlets ?

6 spots to visit

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