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Le Morne-Rouge is a commune of Martinique located in the North, on a plateau between Mount Pelée and the Pitons du Carbet. It goes without saying that it is the most refreshing and humid city of the island. Located at an altitude of 450 m, it clings to the columns of Pelee.

Its name derives from two aspects of its location :

  • The red color of the land, where banana and pineapple trees grow.
  • Reddish fumaroles of the Pelee

The history of its creation is directly linked to the diversity of its original populations: Caribbean Indians, Jews from Brazil, Dutch settlers, and Alsatian and Acadian refugees (province of Quebec)!

Morne-Rouge developed as a result of the bourgeoisie of Saint-Pierre who, in the middle of the 19th century, would come to the heights to enjoy the fresh air during the hot months.

The tourist attraction of Le Morne-Rouge is due to its location on Pelee Mountain. Indeed, one of the starting points of the ascent to the top of the mountain is located 3 km from the entrance of the town. Nevertheless, there are other very interesting sites near the town, such as the Domaine d’Émeraude or the Maison Régionale des Volcans.

The city of Le Morne-Rouge in 5 questions

How many inhabitants are there in Morne-Rouge?

5114 inhabitants

Surface area and density of the municipality

Area: 136 km2
Density: 38/km²

What to do or see at Le Morne-Rouge?

  • Notre-Dame-de-la-Délivrande church in Morne-Rouge ;
  • Mount Pelee;
  • Hiking tours in the tropical forest ;
  • The cave of Lourdes;
  • Calvary of the Deliverance;
  • The House of the Volcano ;
  • The Emerald Domain ;
  • Plantation Mac Intosh ;
  • The Tears of Mount Pelee (sculpture).

Information about the Town Hall

Place Gaston Monnerville, Case-Pilote, Martinique
05 96 78 81 44

The best restaurants in town

  • Restaurant le Bambou – Boulevard General de Gaulle, 97260
  • La Bouchée Créole (Bokits) – 79 avenue Edgard Nestoret – +596 596 95 66 37
  • Chez Malou – Fond Marie Reine  – 97260

What activities can we do in Le Morne-Rouge ?

2 activities to do

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What are the spots to visit in Le Morne-Rouge ?

2 spots to visit

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