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Sea Museum of Martinique
Sea Museum of Martinique
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Description of the sea museum in Trois-Ilets in the village of la poterie

Formerly the Museum of Shells and the Sea, the Martinique Sea Museum specializes entirely in the maritime field. It is now located in Trois-Ilets in the village of pottery. It is located not far from the sublime beach of Diamant.

The museum of shells and the sea is the perfect visit to make after or before a good swim. In the museum, you will be sheltered from the exhausting heat. You can discover the extremely rich marine fauna of Martinique. A dive into the marine world that you won't forget!

Presentation and history of the museum of the sea

The Martinique Sea Museum could never have been created without the passion and energy of Mickaël Tosato. After many years, he managed to gather an impressive collection of shells. But also animals of the tropical marine fauna such as sharks or fish.

In 2003, he created a first place where he exhibited his collection in the Ecrin Bleu hotel in Le Diamant. The exhibition covered a little more than 150 m². The shapes and colors were more than varied. In the museum you can find clams, lambis scorpius, a species of gastropod molluscs of the Strombidae family. There are also siratus trigonulus with its particular shape, not forgetting an admirable emerald lobster.

There are hardly any more on the island. The museum will move in 2018 to Trois-Ilets. Today, Mickaël Tosato is in Quebec where he is working for the creation of a new shell museum. He left the direction of the Martinique museum to his brother Fabien.

The fans of Teeth of the sea will not be left out. In addition to the 4000 shells, you can discover many species of sharks.

There is the Mako shark, also known as the shortfin mako, the lemon shark and the tiger shark. Not to mention the thresher shark. So many names that arouse the curiosity of children and adults alike. Not to mention the many more or less frightening fish that live in the waters of the Caribbean.

Visit the museum of the sea

This museum is a must-see place in the marine world. You must visit it at all costs with your family if you travel to Martinique. Children will be amazed by the discovery of these marine animals. You can be sure that they will try to find them on the beach after visiting the museum.

The museum shop is also very pretty with its many shell jewels or ornamental shells. The shell is a very popular material for decorators or manufacturers of decorative objects. There are for example vases or hangers. By buying an object in the shop you will be sure to please your family or your friends. But also to bring back a little of Martinique's sunshine in your luggage!

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