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Bellefontaine is a commune on the Caribbean coast of Martinique between Le Carbet and Case-Pilote. Bellefontaine was created in 1950 from land that belonged to Case-Pilote. It is the newest and smallest commune on the island. Fishing is an essential activity, but what makes the wealth of the commune are its historical monuments.

You can take a tour to Torgiléo, the architect Victor Dubois built an architectural jewel there in 1948. The house is in the shape of a boat painted in white and blue. The idea of building the house in the shape of a boat was born after a German ship attacked and sank the ship “Presidente Trujillo”. This ship came from the Dominican Republic to deposit beef on the French coast. The fishermen took debris from the ship and then talked with Victor about the idea of giving it life in the form of a house. This was an opportunity for the fishermen to commemorate this event. According to Martinican legend, the boat watches over the travelers, the family that gave it life and the commune that immortalized it.

Do not hesitate to visit Bellefontaine, it represents a perfect destination to relax around a beautiful natural tropical setting.

The city of Bellefontaine in 4 questions

How many people live in Bellefontaine?

1721 inhabitants

What to do or see in Bellefontaine?

The Torgiléo (old restaurant in the shape of a boat);
Le Verrier (shelters many points of view);
Seine fishing (an authentic experience of the island!).

Surface area and density of the municipality

Area: 12 km2
Density: 145/km²

Information about the Town Hall

Place Simon-Charles-François
97222 Bellefontaine
+596 596 55 00 96

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