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Ducos is a commune of Martinique located a few kilometers from Fort de France and Le Lamentin. The city was named Trou-au-Chat until 1855. In 1854 the town was renamed after the Minister of Marine and Colonies of Napoleon III, Théodore Ducos. Situated inland from Martinique, Ducos is a town with an artisanal and agricultural origin. It is in this commune that we find the only hydraulic dam of Martinique, the dam of Manzo with a length of 325 meters.

In Ducos the tourist places are limited. Nevertheless, the commune abounds in splendid tourist monuments which will make you capsize.
First of all, you can visit the Church of Our Lady of the Nativity, built in the 11th century on the site of a Roman temple. It is the smallest cathedral in France. The cathedral has several collections of polychrome wooden statues. These pieces represent the religious and historical heritage of Venice. These statutes come from the chapels of the calvary of the Ara district, they are witnesses of the fervor of the French revolutionaries. You will also find the Tour Saint-Lambert, on the Place Godeau, a former cemetery offering a good view of the bell tower dating from the 12th century.

You can also visit the Aubéry mansion, a castle built in the 20th century by Germain Olivier under the order of the famous, Martiniquean industrialist Eugène Aubéry. The castle includes a vast house, as well as a very large Art-Deco style garden.

What are you waiting for to visit Ducos?

The city of Ducos in 6 questions

What to do or see in Ducos ?

  • The Rivière La Manche house, former home of Jorna or Fabrique
  • The bay of Génipa
  • Champigny Drowned Country
  • The Aubéry castle, registered as a historical monument according to the prefectural decree n° 92-2807 of December 31, 1992, labeled "heritage of the 20th century" on May 12, 2015
  • The tomb of Joséphine des Vergers de Sannois (1816-1847), wife of Charles Huyghues Derivry (1806-1875), first mayor of Trou-au-Chat in 1837, relative of Joséphine de Beauharnais
  • La Manzo dam
  • Church of Notre-Dame-de-la-Nativité (1901), architect Pierre-Henri Picq, registered as a historical monument by order of December 14, 1989

Where to sleep in Ducos ?

L'auberge et table des Bougainvilliers - +596 56 39 62 - 44 impasse des anges - 97224

Best restaurants in town

Atoumo Lounge - ZI CHAMPIGNY - 97224
L'assiette et Ben - ZI petite cocotte 97224
Marco Resto - ZI petite cocotte 97224 

How many inhabitants are there in Ducos ?

17367 inhabitants

Information about the Town Hall

1, rue Zizine et des Étages
97224 Ducos
Phone number : +596 77 18 18

Surface area and density of the commune

Surface area: 38 km2
Density: 461/km².

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