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Riviere Salee is a commune of Martinique located in the south of the island. It is located on a small plain that stretches along the south of the bay of Fort-de-France. The first settlers settled on the banks of the Salée River. The city owes its name to its brackish waters.

The Saléens (inhabitants of Rivière-Salée) named the town Cul-de-Sac-à-Vaches until 1716! Because of its geographical position, Rivière-Salée is the second administrative and economic pole of the south of the island (Le Marin being in first position).

The commune is part of the three Bourgs du Sud, Les Trois-Ilets, Rivière-Salée (Petit-bourg and Grand-Bourg).

The sugar crisis of the 20th century hit the commune, which as a result saw its factories decline and then close in the early 1970s. Fortunately, the town has now regained momentum thanks to the establishment of companies attracted by the proximity of Fort-de-France and its road service.

Nevertheless, tourism is struggling to develop in the municipality.

The city of Rivière-Salée in 5 questions

How many people live in Rivière Salée?

12168 inhabitants

Surface area and density of the municipality

Area: 309 km2
Density: 39/km²

Information about the Town Hall

Rue du Morne Costet
Laugier neighbourhood, 97215

Phone: +596 596 68 01 90

Opening hours :
Mondays from 07h00 to 13h00 and from 14h30 to 17h00
From Tuesday to Wednesday from 07h00 to 13h00
Thursdays from 07h00 to 13h00 and from 14h30 to 17h00
Fridays from 07h00 to 13h00

The Best restaurants of Riviere Salee

  • Chez Siko –  6 Rue Joseph Lagrosilliere – 0596 22 64 28
  • Bigouden Blues – Rue de la Liberte – +596 596 56 82 36

What are the points of interest of the commune?

  • Old wooden houses of the Schœlcher street
  • Houses in the center of Petit-Bourg

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