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Ajoupa Bouillon is located about 40 kilometers from Fort-de-France in the north of Martinique. The commune takes its name from a French settler Jean Robert de Bouillon who had built a shelter on the road leading to the volcano. This makeshift shelter was later used as a landmark for those travelling between the Marigot and the Morne-Rouge. L’Ajoupa-Bouillon was devastated by the volcano in 1902, nestled near the volcano it could not be avoided, today the pretty village is dynamizing to evolve in the cultural field.

In downtown Ajoupa-Bouillon, visit the baroque church of the Immaculate Conception. Built at the end of the 18th century, the parish church of Figari is characteristic of the post-baroque religious architecture of Southern Corsica. It was the only survivor of the eruption in 1902, built in 1848 and its baroque style is therefore to be contemplated. Its decoration presents the particularity of being the last work of the career of Luigi Giordani the famous Roman painter.

You will discover Ajoupa-Bouillon with its magnificent landscapes, and you will keep an unforgettable memory.

The city of L'Ajoupa-Bouillon in 5 questions

What to do or see at Ajoupa-Bouillon?

  • Babin jump : waterfall in the gorges of the Falaise river ;
  • Church of the Immaculate Conception : baroque style church built in 1848 ;
  • Gorges de la Falaise: mini gorges of the river Falaise that can be walked up.

How many inhabitants are there in Ajoupa-Bouillon?

1874 inhabitants

Surface area and density of the municipality

Area: 12 km2
Density: 152/km²

The Best restaurants in town

Informations about the town hall

Le Bourg
97216 L’Ajoupa-Bouillon
Phone : +596 596 53 32 22

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