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The Village of Pottery
The Village of Pottery
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The Pottery Village in Trois Ilets, authenticity, heritage and know-how. 

If you stay in Martinique, you can't miss this typical West Indian village. Located in the south-east of the island, opposite Fort-de-France, this charming village of pottery is the perfect place to discover Martinique.

Rent a car and let yourself be guided on the roads to this village. You will discover a place anchored in the tradition of pottery since the 18th century.

The history of the village 

Founded by the Jesuits and several hundred years old, the village has over time turned to the manufacture of clay objects. The red clay present in the surroundings has made the manufacture of tiles and bricks flourish. One of the oldest brick factories in France is still in operation. A know-how which made the reputation of this village and which makes this place a must in Martinique.

Whether you are 6 or 70 years old, don't hesitate to go through the door of the pottery artisans' workshops. They will be happy to share their knowledge and techniques with you. You will be seduced by the diversity of the objects offered. They are unique and colourful. Ceramics satisfy all tastes. 

As a craft, ceramics offers the possibility of making a wide range of everyday objects. And from an artistic point of view, it offers a form of expression with infinite combinations of colours and textures.

Annexes to the village of pottery 

The Pottery Village offers visitors, in the middle of century-old trees, in addition to the potter's workshop shops, numerous artisan stalls (jewelry, sculpture, ready-to-wear, local products, glass engraving, photo imaging, tattooing, massage, yoga, hairdressing studio, painting workshop, drawing classes, etc.), souvenir shops, restaurants, a pastry shop and an artisan chocolate maker. Everyone will appreciate the mild tropical climate and the calm that reigns in this small Martinique village, which is ideal for discovering a rich and authentic heritage.

Many activities are proposed: visit the soap factory with 100% local and artisanal products, discover the sea museum, with about 4000 species of shells from all over the world, and also in the evening, taste the joy of go-karting on a 3000 m² track or enjoy delicious cocktails and tapas while listening to live local musicians. 

Tourist activities in the village 

Lovers of preserved and varied natural spaces can kayak to the 

Discovery of the mangrove of Trois Îlets. This mangrove is the biggest of the island. The advantage of this small boat allows you to discover a rich ecosystem, flora and fauna, at your own pace and to the sound of the gentle lapping of the waves.

On arrival, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of Fort de France and the big islet. Other water activities are possible: a catamaran trip to discover the dolphins of Martinique off Carbet for example.

Gourmets will be seduced by the restaurants with Creole accents and spicy touches typical of the West Indies while sipping a rum. The Village de la Poterie in Trois Ilets is a place not to be missed. 

A must-see on the island 

It stands out as much for its industrial side still present as for its artistic and artisanal activity. With family or friends, a wide range of activities are available to visitors.

A traveller's dream, a refuge for city dwellers in search of authenticity and adventure, a nature paradise, the Village de la Poterie in Trois Ilets is the perfect place. You will live an incredible and unforgettable experience. Modern, commercial, welcoming, the village of the pottery remains a land of history with a multi-centennial heritage. 

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