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The Bernard David Museographic Space

Museums in Diamant, Martinique

The Bernard David Museographic Space
The Bernard David Museographic Space
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Martinique has many surprises in store for travellers. The Espace Muséographique Bernard David is one of them. It is located in the south of the island in the commune of Le Diamant. It highlights the collection ofpre-Columbian archaeological objects and a documentary fund bequeathed by a priest from the Vendée: Father Bernard David, who was passionate about archaeology and history.

Bernard David

As soon as he arrived on the island of Martinique, he learned the Creole language, thus getting closer to the local population. Over the years, they considered him as a "naturalized Martinican". Fascinated by this dialect spoken throughout the island, he published a collection of Creole proverbs in Martinique. By giving him his name, the commune of Diamant pays tribute to him.

You are invited to plunge into the island's past, and more particularly that of Le Diamant. Located between the church and the village hall, the Bernard David Museum is of modern design and blends perfectly with the landscape. The multitude of pre-Columbian art objects on display, enriched with explanations, will help you to better understand the often unknown history of the island.

Visit the Bernard David Museum

Divided into several spaces, the museum offers you the possibility of seeing temporary and itinerant exhibitions. Although a large part of the museum is devoted to the history of the commune, it remains a museum of art in its own right.
The Espace Muséographique Bernard David is also a playful place. Indeed, technology is at the service of the public.

The Diamond Rock

Thanks to the installation of several cameras on the Diamond Rock, you have the possibility to be close to the fauna and flora. Waterproof and of high resolution, the cameras transmit in real time images of the Rock. They are directly controlled from the museum.

They allow you to have a 360° vision. Equipped with a zoom lens, they allow you not to miss anything of the show that is played on the Diamond Rock. A fifth camera has been installed on the roof of the museum with a direct view of the Diamond Rock. Those who love flora and fauna will be able to see the rock and its steep walls rising from the sea.

You will be able to admire a typical and local flora perfectly adapted to the roughness of the ground like the white frangipani tree or the pear tree. These cameras allow you to observe seabirds that have chosen this rocky peak to make their nests or just a stopover during their migration.

Its geographical situation and its isolation make it a privileged place for sea birds during the breeding season. To be able to admire them during this nesting period is a chance. More than a thousand birds come to nest here. You will see brown noddis or bridled terns.

Le Diamant has a jewel on the ocean. A paradise accessible to the eyes of visitors. A volcanic peak which makes the fame of the island.

You who visit Martinique, do not hesitate to push the doors of theEspace Muséographique Bernard David. Le Diamant, its museum, its rock promise you a journey into the past and present.

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