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The House of Bagnard
The House of Bagnard
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Le Bagnard built his house in the 1960s in the commune of Le Diamant. The colorful paint and unusual architecture of this small dwelling do not fail to attract attention.

The house 

Originally white, blue, pink and green, the city decided to repaint it in yellow, red and blue in 2017. With a dimension of 2.20 m on each side, its particularity lies in its aesthetic and its tiny size. 

The man who built this hut was a sculptor and thus made this house a work of art. Its inscription in the historical heritage in 2006 makes it a considerable symbol of the agitated and rebellious past of the Martiniqueans. If you are curious, the Maison du Bagnard will be an obligatory stop on your trip to Martinique.

The Diamond 

In the heart of nature, the Maison du Bagnard offers an invaluable view of the commune of Le Diamant. Its position between the town of Le Diamant and Petite-Anse will make you enjoy a superb stretch of white sand. You will dare to go for a walk along this 4 km long beach while enjoying a glass of punch.

In the background, the small uninhabited island called Diamond Rock overlooks the Caribbean at an altitude of 175 meters. Its name comes from the bright reflections of its walls at certain times of the day. Impossible to visit, it is the theme of many sparkling photos and postcards.

The paradisaical landscape offers a peace of mind that will encourage you to immerse yourself in the history of this place.

As his name suggests, a convict by the name of Médard Aribot built and lived in this house after his imprisonment. His reputation as a thief preceded him but, in 1925, the carving of a wooden bust cost him his freedom. The candidacy of Colonel de Coppens, a retired officer, in the municipal elections caused riots during which the crowd brandished this bust.

The population massively rejected his candidacy because of his incitement to violence. And for good reason: on May 25, 1925, he did not hesitate to shoot into the crowd demonstrating against him. Diamantois then murdered the colonel and his men.

The justice demands for the imprisonment of Médard and sends him to Cayenne until 1945. Initially sentenced to life imprisonment, it was the closing of the prison that finally allowed him to get out. He lived in French Guiana for a few years before deciding to be repatriated to Martinique in 1953. It was then that he started building his house. He moved in 1960 and spent many happy days there until his death in 1973.

About 32 km from Fort-de-France, the capital of Martinique, La Maison du Bagnard is easily accessible by car. You will discover the richness of the landscapes of Le Diamant by crossing the village to reach the hut. The visit is free and unguided, so you can decide on your time there and your other activities.

The installation of signs on the spot will give you rich and precise information on the historical context. Although culturally interesting, the visit of this doll's house is rather quick given its surface. You will have the leisure to supplement it with a walk in the surroundings. Souvenir shops, seaside restaurants and the nearby covered market will fill the needs with your excursion. 

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