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The covered market of Fort-de-France

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The covered market of Fort-de-France
The covered market of Fort-de-France
© Source of pictures: Comité Martiniquais du Tourisme
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A market you can't miss! 

The covered market of Fort-de-France has many names, the big market or the spice market. Whatever its name, everyone agrees on one thing, it is the largest market in Martinique. If you want to find the authenticity and the animation of the Caribbean islands, don't hesitate.

Smells, colors, sounds, so many reasons to dive into the heart of this famous covered market of Fort-de-France. You will not regret this colourful crowd which reflects so well Martinique and its warm spirit. You will find countless fruits, some of which are still unknown to you.

The covered market is the ideal place to let yourself be tempted by these exotic and appetizing flavours. 

It is with the mamas with their colourful clothes that you will be able to meet all your expectations. They will call out to you with their sweet words, " So what are you looking for ?

While browsing the stalls, you can find souvenir gifts to bring back to your friends the Creole doll or local crafts. You will choose spices or flowers with bewitching perfumes. You will give in to the temptation of the arranged rums to lose yourself in its vanilla or coffee fragrances.

A market full of history 

The covered market of Fort-de-France was inaugurated in 1886, hence the impression of the inhabitants of Martinique that it has always existed. It is installed under a large hall in the city centre. It was built under the direction of the architect Pierre-Henri Picq known for having built the Saint-Louis cathedral and the Schoelcher library.

Unfortunately, fate seems to have a hand in this market. It was first destroyed by fire 5 years after its opening. In 1891, a cyclone devastated it and spared nothing. It was then rebuilt in 1901 in a more modern structure made of metal and glass. The mayor of the time, Jules Fanfan, wanted to offer an infrastructure worthy of the name to its inhabitants. A meeting place for all the local merchants of the area, sheltered from bad weather. More than 100 years later, this market is still standing to welcome under its roof the local life and the richness of its products.

A visit that will not leave you hungry 

The visit of the covered market of Fort-de-France will lead you to stroll between the stands. You will be amazed, because they are all more colorful than the others. You will have access to a concentrate of this island of flowers that Martinique embodies. An unforgettable experience will remain in your heart and a unique show will spread out before your eyes. A surge of noise, smell and color will carry you away. Let yourself be bewitched by the fried bananas or a fresh coconut.

At the bend of a stall, you will be astonished by the apothecary plants such as the famous bandaged wood. Perhaps the medicinal plants will convince you. You will be able to try on beautiful creole outfits or succumb to the charms of tropical woods. Finally, you will surely fall for the famous hat made of bakoua leaves which will protect you from the sun. All these peregrinations will open your appetite. Let yourself be guided by the thousand tempting smells. They will push you towards the restaurants on the go or at the table which will reveal you the secrets of the local gastronomy.

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