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Belfort Habitation
Belfort Habitation
© Source of pictures: L'Habitation Belfort
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Presentation of the Habitation Belfort in Martinique

Renowned worldwide for its production of sugar cane and rum, Martinique has an equally laudable reputation when it comes to bananas. This fruit is thus inescapable throughout the island and more particularly within the Habitation Belfort in the city of Lamentin. Discover without further delay this unique place, with a very rich history, to better understand the many uses and flavors of the banana. We tell you more.

The Habitation Belfort : a complete visit of its banana plantation

The Habitation Belfort is undoubtedly a stronghold on the island of Martinique. Thus, upon arrival, a small train welcomes you on board for a guided tour of its banana plantation. From then on, you will enjoy a privileged view of the whole estate, its buildings and the river that runs through it. To ensure that the visit goes smoothly and in the best conditions, the train is equipped with protection in case of bad weather or rain.

On a regular basis, the guide offers breaks at strategic locations so that you can take the time to understand the successive stages of the life of this yellow fruit. This includes its development, picking, sorting and washing.

The tour lasts between 1 and 1.15 hours and ends, to your great pleasure, with a tasting of local products (banana wine, petals...) that you can even buy in the small shop in the Habitation Belfort.

It is highly recommended making a reservation online to be sure to have the necessary number of places. Indeed, during the busiest seasons of the year, it is not uncommon for availability to appear full for a period of several consecutive days. Opting for a reservation means that you can be sure of priority access to the train and prepare for this guided tour with complete peace of mind.

Find many other activities

It is important to note that the Habitation Belfort is not limited to a visit of its banana plantation and more generally of its condition. Indeed, you can also find a restaurant on the spot, but also enjoy the gardens of Belfort. The latter are an ideal place to organize numerous events and receptions.

If you wish to have a magnificent setting for the organization of your wedding, you should know that you can perfectly rent the little train by privatizing it. This way, you can enjoy even more these privileged moments in Martinique with all your friends and family. Finally, educational tours are also organized and specially dedicated to children accompanying you (banana kids program).

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