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Various touristic sites of Martinique

During a holiday or relaxing trip, five things are essential: sun, beach, peace, culture and history. If you are the same, Martinique is a dream destination for you. It is possible to walk with family or friends on the beach during the day and at night. 

You can enjoy the exceptional settings offered by the many tourist sites of the island. Moreover, there is no lack of activities in Martinique. Find out what your potential activities will be for your next trip to the island.

The unmissable village of La Poterie 

Think of visiting the village of La Poterie during your stay on this island. You will discover a village marked by the tradition of pottery. Since the 18th century, the inhabitants have perfected the art of making pots, tiles and clay objects.
You can go there to buy clay souvenirs. There are many souvenir shops. You can also visit one of the artisan shops on the premises. Among other things, you can buy jewelry and sculptures.

The adventurous take the opportunity to get a tattoo, while those who want to relax opt for massage sessions. Before leaving the village, don't forget to walks through the largest mangrove of the island: the three islets. You will have the opportunity to discover a rich flora and fauna. You are also gratified by the incredible view of Fort-de-France and the big islet. Finish your trip by enjoying the local dishes in one of the many restaurants of the village.

The Céron house, a 5,000 m² tourist site 

To the north of Flower Island you will find the famous Habitation Céron. The former farm is located right next to the beach of Anse Céron. It is open to the public as a tourist site. Its 5,000 m² park allows you to discover the crayfish ponds on the premises.
You can also take advantage of your trip to learn more about the culture of cocoa or fruit trees.

The visit of theCéron house can be done in family, in love or between friends. The place is ideal for a walk in the middle of nature, along a river or between the woods of a luxuriant tropical forest. Don't forget to visit the famous botanical garden, which has been awarded the "Remarkable Garden" label.

The colourful library of Schœlcher 

This colourful building is distinguished by its yellow and red facades. The detour is worth it just to see the beauty of its architecture. The exterior will amaze you with its original layout. You will also be impressed by the richness of the book collection on site. You will discover collections of manuscripts from the 17th to the 19th century. Furthermore, you will also find works dedicated to the daily life of plantations, slaves and black merchants of the time.

The Château Gaillard estate, to learn more about the cocoa plantation 

Martinique offers other attractions than its sumptuous beaches. The Château Gaillard estate is one of them. It is located in the heart of the largest nursery on the island. The estate invites you to discover the history of the cocoa and coffee plantation on the island.

A museum dedicated to these plantations is located on the first floor. You can visit it with your friends and family to discover old horse-drawn carriage garages or an old mill.

This place is full of many leisure activities such as the gym, the hydroclim, the escape game. You can take advantage of this detour to do your shopping thanks to the many shops open on the spot. All kinds of objects are proposed to you such as ready-to-wear, local soap, flowers.

The Fort Saint-Louis and its unique architecture 

Martinique is a Paradise Island perfect for a discovery trip. The Fort which is located on the island of flowers is full of history. 

Think of taking a tour to learn more about this place. Indeed, the history of this place is fascinating, and its decor will amaze you. In addition, you have a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea outside. Fort St. Louis stands out with its unique architecture that attracts experts from all over the world.

The visit of the small house of the convict 

A stay in Martinique is incomplete without this visit. The small Maison du Bagnard was built in the 1960s. It is unusually small with only 2.20 m sides.

It is mostly an activity for the curious. However, you can also take a tour there if you want to see a unique landscape. This house overlooks a beautiful view of the commune of Diamant. It is also surrounded by white sand as far as the eye can see. For this purpose, you will have the opportunity to walk along 4 km of beach.

Visit by train of the Belfort house 

Are you a fan of old houses? The view from the Belfort house will surely please you. The estate is famous for its production of sugar cane, rum and bananas. The banana plantation can be visited by train. Children as well as adults appreciate this playful visit commented by a guide.

During this visit, stops are often scheduled to explain the various phases of planting. You can also buy souvenirs in the souvenir shops and enjoy local dishes in the restaurants on site.

The covered market of Fort-de-France 

Take advantage of your stay in Martinique to discover the products offered at the market of Fort-de-France. This market reflects the personality of Martinique. The spices, smells and colors present on the spot show a dynamic aspect of the island.

This market offers various food products and sometimes typical of the island. You can also find shops selling local habits, to offer as a souvenir to your friends or family members. There is also no lack of handicrafts. For this purpose, this market is ideal to buy a Creole doll, arranged rums and vanilla scents.