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The Saint James Distillery

Distilleries in Sainte-Marie, Martinique

The Saint James Distillery
The Saint James Distillery
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The splendours of the island of Martinique are to be seen, smelled, listened to, touched... but also tasted! Among the rum factories, the Saint-James distillery is one of the most renowned. Deeply rooted in Martinique's culture, the Saint-James rum distillery has marked the history of the island of flowers. A true institution, it has made a name for itself all over the world, exporting its white, aged and amber rum to many countries.

Winner of several awards, tasting a Saint-James rum is a unique taste experience. A real journey for the taste buds: woody notes, spices, lychees, sugar cane... the variety of rums from the Saint-James distillery offers an astonishing range of aromas.

Are you ready for an authentic adventure in the heart of Sainte-Marie where the precious nectar is made? Here, agricultural rum is an art and the Saint-James rum factory is the oldest on the island. Discover its exciting history, its manufacturing secrets, its sugar cane plantations, and much more...

Saint-James Rum: more than 250 years of history in its bottles

A reverend ! It was Father Lefébure who founded a rum distillery near Saint-Pierre in 1765. From his stills, he elaborated an alcoholic beverage from sugar cane: tafia or guildive, ancient names of rum. With his knowledge of spirits, Father Lefébure works with passion to elaborate a nectar of better quality.

Was Martinique's agricultural rum born here, in the "Trou-Vaillant" sugar factory? In any case, more than 250 years have shaped Saint-James rum, which has evolved from tafia to an A.O.C. rum from Martinique.

History doesn't stop with Reverend Lefébure, of course. And between the abolition of slavery, the Saint-James brand registered by the inventive merchant Paulin Lambert, or the eruption of Mount Pelée... there is plenty to surprise you! You will discover the eventful past of Saint-James rum during your visit to the distillery.

The visit of the Saint-James distillery

Where does the name "Saint-James" come from? Why are the bottles square? What is the difference in taste between a white rum and an amber rum? What does a still look like? How is sugar cane harvested?

So many fascinating questions that will be answered during your visit to the distillery.

In a typical colonial decor, you will travel back in time to admire the houses and the pleasant gardens. The discovery of the Saint-James rum museum and the still is fun.

It will give you an overview of the techniques of refinement, fermentation and aging of the most famous drink of Martinique. Then board the little train through the magnificent plantations. It will take you to the Habitation La Salle, the old sugar factory. Recently inaugurated, this place is a real jewel of Martinique's heritage. You will learn more about the pressing of sugar cane or the transformation of molasses into rum or the aging in oak barrels.

The visit ends with a great taste! At the rum workshop, you can introduce your palate to different flavours. Taste a few rums from the Saint-James distillery to perfect your knowledge of Martinique's most famous drink. You will surely find all its joie de vivre, its sun and its exotic flower scents...

The distilleries of the island of Martinique

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