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The zoo of Martinique

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The zoo of Martinique
The zoo of Martinique
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Martinique Zoo is located in the heart of the island's sumptuous landscapes! 3 hectares, 150 animals and more than 40 species await you in a tropical jungle setting and an old colonial dwelling.

The fauna and flora to be observed are typical of the Antilles and South America. But other species of the Martinique zoo come from all over the world. Saïmiris monkeys, jaguars, red ibis, condors, armadillos, pumas: an animal and floral universe of exceptional diversity. Welcome to the Martinique Zoo! 

The history of the Zoo of Martinique 

1902... The bowels of the Earth are shaking and cause a destructive volcanic eruption in Martinique. In Carbet, the Latouche house, created in 1643, did not resist. This old colonial house was built on a plantation that produced cocoa, tobacco, sugar cane and rum.

Today, you can still contemplate the ruins of this former sugar factory. Recently, passionate gardeners have rehabilitated the remains of the place. Since 2014, the zoo is open to the public. The ruins are intermingled with tropical vegetation and exotic spaces for the animals.

The harmony is successful between colonial house and zoo "new generation". Thus, in addition to animals and flowers, you will be able to discover testimonies of the past: the master's house, old slaves' huts, the foundations of a sugar factory, a cassava workshop, a water mill... A real dive in the colonial time of before and the discovery of a zoo of now :)

Visit the Carbet Park 

2 hours of pleasure and amazement! This is the time you will need to discover the zoo of Martinique. The course is educational. The creators of the zoo have facilitated the comfort of the visitor while respecting the natural environment of the animals.
Stroll along the wooden pontoons and dirt paths in an enchanting setting. The animals are easy to admire thanks to the many vantage points set up, while respecting their need for calm. You will also appreciate the tropical greenhouses, the exotic gardens and the wooden cabins typical of the West Indies.

The total immersion of the visitors is the basis of this park. You can, for example, enter two large aviaries to find yourself among different birds. Cockatoos, pink flamingos, lorikeets... The joy of children and adults alike is immense when you can blend into the animals' habitat without disturbing them and observe them closely. A new attraction, a butterfly greenhouse, has recently been opened. A colourful immersion among butterflies, exotic plants and... a cocoon incubator!

The Martinique Zoo is sure to please the whole family. It is a must-see on the island of flowers. In this animal park, saving endangered animals is a priority. This is the case of the ferocious harpy present in the park. Originally from South America, this very large bird of prey has almost disappeared, threatened by human activity and deforestation.

Thus, the Martinique Zoo is part of a real animal protection program, alongside other associations committed to the preservation of endangered animal species. By visiting the zoo, you will contribute to the preservation of the fauna, while admiring the magnificent animals.

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