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The Earth Sciences Discovery Centre

Museums in Saint-Pierre, Martinique

The Earth Sciences Discovery Centre
The Earth Sciences Discovery Centre
© Source of pictures: Centre de Découverte des Sciences de la Terre
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The Earth Sciences Discovery Centre 

Built in 2004, in Saint-Pierre, the Centre de Découverte des Sciences de la Terre's primary vocation is to ensure the dissemination of scientific culture, through exhibitions, films and conferences that are offered.

Informing and sensitizing the public

Martinique being exposed to floods, cyclones, volcanic eruptions, earth movements, earthquakes, tsunamis, the Earth Sciences Discovery Centre is meant to be the place where knowledge is shared, essential for the prevention and the sensitization of the populations on natural risks.

Around Mount Pelée

The Centre de Découverte des Sciences de la Terre is also a place of remembrance, in homage to the 28,000 people killed in Saint-Pierre during the eruption of Mount Pelée on May 8, 1902. 

The permanent exhibitions : " La Pelée seen from the sky ", " Volcans meurtriers " and the film" Volcans of the Antilles" propose to make discover the history of the Montagne Pelée and of this catastrophe.

Discovering science

Another of its missions is to make science accessible to all, through temporary interactive exhibitions that allow the understanding of scientific principles through experimentation.

Events and activities

An introduction to astronomy is offered in partnership with the Club de Découverte des Sciences Astronomiques, once a month from October to June.

Events such as "La nuit des musées", "La nuit des étoiles", "Contes et musiques dans la cité", "Le festival Biguine Jazz", "Les journées européennes du patrimoine", "La semaine Réplik", "La fête de la Science" have also become essential events at the Centre de Découverte des Sciences de la Terre.

Coming to the Earth Sciences Discovery Centre 

The Earth Sciences Discovery Center welcomes you in Saint-Pierre, in the Perrinelle district, from Tuesday to Sunday. 

From the themed garden, you can admire Mount Pelée, the surrounding countryside and the sea. The permanent exhibits, its 36 m² map of Martinique, and the temporary exhibits renewed every 8 months will provide you with essential information on major hazards and Pelean volcanism in particular. 

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