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The Banana Museum
The Banana Museum
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Besides the sugar cane, the banana is one of the most widespread fruits of Martinique. You can't stay in Martinique without stopping at the Banana Museum to learn more about the virtues of this fruit which are still largely unknown! 

The yellow nugget of Martinique

The hard core of Martinique's agriculture, banana production covers an area of more than 5000 hectares. The various banana plantations of the Flower Island enjoy a humid tropical climate, with an average temperature of around 25°C.

These two conditions are ideal for the good culture of the fruit. The volcanic terrain, with the Montagne Pelée and the Pitons du Carbet give a particular aroma to the bananas grown in Martinique. Thanks to the humid air and the rivers, the fruits of the island are sweet, fragrant, with an inimitable taste!

Not insignificant virtues

It is not for nothing that bananas are among the most consumed in the world. It should be known that it has many natural benefits for the body. It is rich in vitamins (B6, C and A), iron and fibre, and has great digestive properties.

It also contains serotonin, a natural soothing agent that acts against stress and depressive states. With its sweet taste, it brings a feeling of satiety and is appreciated by young children thanks to its melting texture.

Anecdotes and secrets of history

For over 10,000 years, the banana tree has been the pride of the West Indies. Its golden age dates back to the 18th century. At that time, there were more than three million banana trees in Martinique!

The Banana Museum will help you discover all the stages in the life of this tropical plant. You will also find the answer to all your questions about it. Did you know, for example, that a banana tree can grow up to 9 meters high? That in India the banana is called "the fruit of paradise"? Or that it was forbidden to soldiers by Alexander the Great, who considered it too indigestible? Or that a crisis undermined its cultivation in the 1940s? 

Enter the temple of the banana!

Spread over more than four hectares in Sainte-Marie, the Banana Museum is a tribute to this tropical fruit. It is located in the heart of the Habitation Limbé Fourniols estate. Formerly specialized in sugar plantation, it is now entirely devoted to the production of bananas.

In complete immersion, you will discover the stages of production of this tropical fruit and its various modes of consumption. There is not one, but a multitude of different varieties of banana trees. You will even be able to admire more than sixty of them throughout your visit.

The three areas of the museum - the showroom, the garden and the shop - will give you an insight into the different aspects of the banana. From its planting to its arrival on your plate, you will see this coveted Caribbean fruit in all its forms!

Tastings and treats

Has this fun tour made your mouth water? Don't panic! The Banana Museum also invites you to taste this excellent West Indian fruit, with its incomparably sweet taste. A stone's throw from the museum, the Bananeraie offers you a moment of conviviality around the banana.

On the program: tasting of fruity cocktails and Creole specialities based on the fruit, concocted by Martinique chefs.

Enjoy your meal! And before you leave, don't forget to visit the boutique. You'll find a multitude of objects and products bearing the banana's image. It's an opportunity to extend your visit and, why not, take a sweet treat home with you. You can thus plunge your taste buds into the heart of Martinique!

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