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Depaz Distillery
Depaz Distillery
© Source of pictures: french_rhumeur (Instagram)
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Welcome to the Depaz distillery!

What would a trip to Martinique be without a friendly visit to a renowned distillery? The Depaz rum distillery invites you to share a pleasant moment, punctuated with discoveries and tastings.

The Depaz distillery opens its doors to you

It is above all a magnificent natural setting that you will discover on your way to the Depaz rum factory.

Ideally located on the heights of Saint-Pierre, the distillery is in the heart of a unique panorama. 

The surrounding land is devoted to the cultivation of sugar cane, essential for the production of rum. You will only have to travel two kilometers from the city to enter the estate. There, your visit will begin.

Your hosts will share with you their boundless passion for the island, conviviality and the production of high quality spirits. You will experience an authentic adventure of discovery and unique flavours. You will get to know the daily life of the planters, some fermentation secrets, ancestral distillation techniques. But above all, you will experience an intense moment of exchange with these artists who are a little out of the ordinary.

The story of a passion

The Depaz distillery is before the history of a passion which knew how to resist the anger of the volcano which destroyed everything during the year 1902.

In that fateful month of May, the numerous distilleries in the town, as well as all the surrounding houses, were victims of the violence of the eruption. At the time, the only survivor of his family, Victor Depaz flew to the metropolis to pursue his studies, but his roots called him back to the island after a few years. It is thus on the land of his family that he chooses to rebuild his future.

It took 15 years for the property to rise from its ashes. However, this first vintage produced was a harbinger of a brilliant future.

Let the visit begin!

In the distillery, you will discover various exceptional spirits: white, amber, old and agricultural rum! 

Through these different alcohols, the Depaz distillery intends to make you discover a whole part of the history of the island, its traditions and its know-how.

You will taste top-of-the-range spirits whose reputation has long since spread beyond the borders of Martinique. The rum factory is now known under the elegant name of : Château Depaz.

The estate is breathtakingly beautiful. A beauty that is matched only bythe quality of the rum produced on its grounds. During your visit, you will have access to the production equipment. There is no doubt that the most curious among you and the enlightened amateurs will find, in this visit, something to satisfy their passion and answer all their questions.

Quality control from A to Z

The distillery is one of the oldest rum factories in Martinique, but also the most famous. Entering these places guarantees you an enriching and unforgettable experience.

The sugar cane fields that stretch as far as the eye can see, in all directions, are evidence of great professionalism. From the cultivation of the sugar cane to the production of the spirits, everything is done to maintain optimal quality at every stage.

A visit full of surprises

If you plan a visit to the castle, take your time to discover each hidden treasure. A stop at the museum will allow you to perfect your knowledge and to continue to marvel at the know-how passed down from generation to generation.

To conclude your visit, wander over to the mill. It stands in the middle of this dreamy landscape, as if frozen in time. A stop under its wings is like a reminder that happiness is not so difficult to find. A natural setting, a touch of passion, the senses are awakened and the magic happens.

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