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Botanical Garden of Balata

Gardens in Fort de France, Martinique

Botanical Garden of Balata
Botanical Garden of Balata
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Could it be the Garden of Eden? Without a doubt, the Balata Garden is the image of an earthly paradise. Bamboos crackling in the wind, dancing hummingbirds, shimmering tropical flowers, a refreshing pond, surprising exotic leaves, shady hills and views of the sea... Nothing is missing from this enchanting place of delights, colours and fragrances.

The Balata garden
is a huge park of exotic plants and tropical forest. It is located 10 km north of Fort-de-France. The visit is a must during a trip to Martinique, so much the beauty and serenity of the place amaze.

History of the garden of Balata: the passion of a horticulturist

The genesis of the park lies in the will and passion of one man: Jean-Philippe Thoze. Years ago, he decided to follow in the footsteps of his childhood and found his grandparents' large family home. The land was fallow, abandoned to the jungle. A talented horticulturist, he worked from 1982 to create a tropical garden around his typically Creole family home. Passionate about botany, he travels the world to bring plants from distant countries to this garden.

All the know-how of the landscape gardener is felt here, in this bucolic Elysium, which he decided to open to the public in 1986. Since then, it has been an undeniable success. The walk through this true botanical heritage enchants visitors.

A visit to the garden: a plant treasure to discover

The public is welcomed in a house with typical Creole architecture. Inside, you will discover a careful decoration and traditional furniture of the Antilles.

Once outside, the walk takes place among the flowers and trees: hibiscus, exotic water lilies, royal palms, wild orchids, balisiers... Martinique, baptized "the island of flowers", has never been so well named. More than 3000 species of tropical plants flourish here, to the delight of nature lovers. The diversity of plants seems infinite.

The slightly undulating relief makes us discover, at each hill, a new point of view on distant flowers. Numerous paths criss-cross the park, often in the shade of trees in an exotic nature. Information panels scattered throughout the park allow you to learn more about the species of trees and plants. The texts are educational and will not fail to surprise you!

In the Balata garden, all paths lead to the pond. And what a pond! It seems to be the highlight of the visit. Located below the property, the pond is surrounded by magnificent trees. It is studded with lotuses and large goldfish that will delight the children.

The walk lasts about an hour and a half. In addition to the paths, raised balconies have been built to offer an exceptional view of the sea. Recently, the park has been enriched with a tree walk. You can walk on bridges suspended from the tops of the rainforest, and in complete safety!
At a height of 16 meters, you will see the peaks of Carbet or the beautiful beaches of Martinique. This sensational entertainment does not require any particular agility and is accessible from 8 years old.

You come with children under 8 years old? The owners of the park have also thought of them. A playground is available for them with slides, small wooden bridges and huts to play in peace.

Unavoidable during a trip to Martinique, the Garden of Balata gives to discover what is most beautiful on the island: a luxuriant nature of astonishing colors and exalting scents.

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