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The Clement House Distillery

Distilleries in Le François, Martinique

The Clement House Distillery
The Clement House Distillery
© Source of pictures: Comité Martiniquais du Tourisme
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Enter the Creole world of the Habitation Clément, in François!
It consists of the entire 160-hectare property: the agricultural estate, the master house and the facilities related to rum production.

Since the XVIIIᵉ century, the estate has adapted to changes in ownership and methods of cultivation and processing. Yet, the place has retained an undeniable charm.

Discover the house and its outbuildings!

The exterior of the house corresponds perfectly to the standards of Creole homes. Totally built in wood, from the walls to the roof, it respects the colonial style by its layout: the main rooms on the ground floor and the bedrooms upstairs. The architectural result is the outcome of successive remodelling.

In 1887, Homère Clément, a doctor and politician from Martinique, saved it from dilapidation. Inside the house, you will admire the mahogany furniture typical of the West Indies. Looking through the blinds, the park is a real invitation to walk.

On the 16 hectares of landscaped land, your eyes can linger on the multitude of endemic species. Nearby, you can visit the service buildings. All these buildings have been classified as historical monuments since 1996. 

Apprehend the elaboration of Clément Rum

At the beginning, Homère Clément was only involved in the cultivation of sugar cane because he did not have the infrastructure to process it. Thirty years later, he was able to master the entire manufacturing process ofRhum Clément.

For this, he invested in equipment to be able to distill. The period of the First World War was favourable for the sale of this spirit, because the demand was very strong in Europe. The Habitation Clément only sells agricultural rum, made from the distillation of fermented sugar cane juice.

You have the possibility of discovering the whole machinery of rum making. You will observe, among other things, the huge boilers which were fed with bagasse, the sugar cane residue. The two distillation columns that you will see made it possible to obtain approximately 1000 litres of alcohol per hour!

Explore all the beauties of the Habitation Clément

If you prefer, you can also take a stroll in the park which has been laid out in recent years in place of the old buildings. Various varieties of palm trees adorn it.
You can continue your walk to the tropical orchard and the cattle mill. A little further on, the Habitation Clément foundation has installed contemporary West Indian sculptures in the midst of multiple species. For lovers of contemporary art, a building hosts exhibitions of West Indian artists.

Discover the secrets of Rhum Clément 

Of course, it is impossible to miss the cellars! These buildings are impressive for their contents and their typical smell. Let yourself be overwhelmed by these characteristic scents!

The best Rhum Clément is aged in oak barrels. There, the old rum or XO awaits patiently its bottling. To perfect your knowledge on the subject, do not miss to taste, with moderation, the Rum Clément proposed in the shop under its multiple varieties.

You will better understand the difference between white rum, amber rum and old rum. Prestigious bottles are vintage and have been awarded prizes at the World Competition in Brussels, as well as the National Competition. Do not hesitate to taste the exclusive Habitation Clément : the Rhum Canne Bleue... Santé'w de la Martinique !

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