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The Trois Rivieres Rum Factory

Distilleries in Sainte-Luce, Martinique

The Trois Rivieres Rum Factory
The Trois Rivieres Rum Factory
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A history of more than 350 years

The history of the Trois-Rivières rum factory began in 1660.

Nicolas Fouquet, minister of Louis XIV, invested in the plantation located in Sainte-Luce, Martinique.

Until the 19th century, the estate was specialized in the production of sugar cane. It was only in 1940 that Trois Rivières devoted its activity exclusively to the production of agricultural rum.

Owned by the Duquesne brand from 1950 to 1972, the brand was finally bought by BBS in 1994. Known for marketing La Mauny rums, the company enabled the Trois-Rivières rum factory to obtain the prestigious AOC label. It has the honour of being the only brand of agricultural rum to have obtained it to date. With its slender bottles and turquoise label, the brand has been the pride of the Flower Island for centuries.

Excellence in the field

Today, the Trois-Rivières rum factory is still one of the most prestigious brands of agricultural rum. In particular, it has won no less than 49 medals in 2019.

The high quality of its rums is due to the excellent location of its cane fields. These benefit from the iodine air of the Caribbean Sea, located below the estate. The rum factory owes its name to the three rivers (Oman, Bois d'Inde and Saint Pierre) that surround the estate.

Today, Trois-Rivières rum is still made according to traditional know-how, from the plantation to the distillation of the sugar cane.

This final stage is carried out in a copper Creole steam column, a sine qua non condition to be able to claim the AOC label of Martinique rum.

Classic spirits...

The rum distillery produces white rums, with marine aromas and mineral flavours, renowned throughout the world for their smoothness and flavour. Having become a true international bestseller, the 50° Trois-Rivières white agricultural rum has been collecting medals since 2016.

Two special vintages are also offered. The first is dedicated to the preparation of cocktails and the second,"Cuvée de l'océan", is produced from sugar cane planted in the water. Trois-Rivières is also known for its amber rums, matured for a year in oak barrels. A maturation method that gives the product all its power and aromatic richness.

... and top of the range rum

The originality of Trois Rivières also lies in its special reserves of rums blended to form an original and unforgettable elixir. The triple vintage is obtained thanks to the blending of 3 exceptional vintages, from the 1999, 2000 and 2010 vintages. The great vintages offer vintage bottles, including an old agricultural rum of 12 years of age, with honeyed and subtly fruity notes.

A competition and a special range for mixologists

Since 2015, Trois-Rivières has been making its mark in the world of spirits by organizing Rhumbellion. During this international mixology competition, the best bartenders compete by proposing an original creation based on Trois Rivières rum.

The grand prize winner will receive professional equipment as well as the four Éditions du Bar vintages. The latter have been specially designed to satisfy the creative desires of mixology specialists.

Let's visit the rum factory

To discover even more about the know-how and daily life of the plantation specialists, you can visit the estate. Topped by a windmill, it overlooks the Caribbean Sea for a breathtaking view. Guided tours are also organized throughout the day. They will allow you to better understand the process of elaboration of agricultural rums, from the harvest of sugar canes to their ageing.

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