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The JM Distillery

Distilleries in Macouba, Martinique

The JM Distillery
The JM Distillery
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 JM Rum... This alcohol, appreciated throughout the world, has a very particular charm. In addition to its unique and exotic flavour, it is the perfect accompaniment to your best parties, but it also enhances your best flambé recipes. You think you know everything about it and yet it still conceals some precious secrets. However, you can lift this veil of mystery by pushing open the doors of the JM rum factory.

Welcome to one of the oldest rum factories on the island

By entering this place, you will in a way take part in the history of the island. The JM rum factory has stood proudly next to Mount Pelee since 1790. You may be surprised by the size of the building, but make no mistake, if the rum factory is commonly recognized as the smallest in Martinique, its production is one of the most appreciated.

You will quickly realize that this reputation is well deserved and that it goes far beyond the borders of the island. This nickname of "smallest rum factory" is explained by a particular configuration of the estate. It was built in the shape of a vat, in a green setting that you can admire at your leisure, but if the space is somewhat modest, it also allows you to immerse yourself even more intensely in the world of the production of spirits with exotic flavours and in the heart of this enchanting setting that surrounds the site.

An exceptional spirit born from the perfect alliance between ambition and passion

Antoine Leroux-Préville was the manager of the estate when it was created in 1790. The site was then a simple sugar mill.

The Fonds-Préville estate has built a solid reputation over the decades. It was only in 1845 that its original vocation was changed. That year, the estate was acquired by Jean-Marie Martin and transformed into a distillery. This was the beginning of an exciting story and an admirable growth. However, the site changed ownership in 1913. Gustave Crassous, who was then the only master on board, undertook major changes over the years which proved to be more than beneficial to the distillery.

In 1996, the rum distillery finally received international recognition thanks to a precious label: Appelation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC). In 2002, the estate was lucky enough to receive substantial funds following the arrival of a major shareholder: the Bernard Hayot group. From then on, nothing seemed to stop the estate from prospering. Since 2014, those who wish can visit the estate and discover all the secrets of JM agricultural rum and all its variations.

Visit a timeless estate

When one has been present in a community for so long, it is important to preserve the soul of the place and this is precisely the case in the JM rum factory.

You can discover the whole estate at your own pace, following a green path. This path will lead the JM rum lover that you are, a little bit higher, in order to admire an exceptional panorama.

You will surely want to learn more and discover all the details of production after visiting the site. Your curiosity will surely be satisfied. You will learn why this agricultural rum is so successful all over the world. With passion, we will explain to you that an exceptional product is essentially based on simple and high quality ingredients.

This is the case here because the rum factory relies on local sugar cane cultivation. The climate of the island allows to obtain an exceptional cane, at the origin of the unique aroma of this precious elixir. Finally, you will notice that JM rum is very successful, not only with consumers, but also in many agricultural competitions.

All that will be left for you to do is move on to one of the best parts of your visit: the tasting! 
The rum cellar will offer you a wide range of rums to choose from, which you can purchase or taste on the spot:

  • White
  • Amber
  • Old
  • Hors d'âge
  • VSOP (4 or 5 years old)

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