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Dillon Distillery
Dillon Distillery
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On the famous island of flowers, Martinique, the Rhumerie Dillon is a real institution. Created in 1779, it was born from a love story between General Dillon and the owner of a vast estate.

The Habitation Dillon became a sugar factory before being used for rum production in 1954. The result is quickly felt, thanks to investments in vats, barrels, distillation columns... Productivity and sales increase rapidly. Thus was born the Dillon Rum Factory, which today is part of Martinique's heritage.

Initiate yourself to the subtleties of rum

But where does rum come from, this delicious beverage that makes your cocktails taste so good? It is made from sugar cane. Originally from Asia, sugar cane, which is greedy for sun and water, acclimates perfectly to the climate of Martinique.

Traditional rum is made from molasses, a residual substance that comes from sugar production. As for the agricultural rum, the one made in the Dillon Distillery, it is made directly from cane juice, according to an ancestral recipe. But we won't reveal its secrets to you, in order to preserve the mystery.

By visiting the establishment, you will learn the essential workings. It's all about the manufacturing, packaging, transformation into alcohol and the cultivation of sugar cane, right here on Dillon's land. You'll discover that the rums are produced with the same rigor as the great vintages. This is why they are regularly awarded in prestigious competitions.

Discover the products of the Dillon Rum Company

Different sites in Martinique share the stages of production of Dillon rum.

In Saint-Pierre, the Depaz Distillery produces the rum, while the ageing and bottling are done in Fort-de-France, on the same site as the Dillon Rum Factory. The rums produced are white agricultural rums, with an alcohol content of 50 or 55°. Moreover, they have the AOC label, an excellent guarantee of quality.

During your visit, you will learn that the Distillery produces three types of rum.

White rum 

The white rum contains different degrees of alcohol bringing freshness and sweetness to your cocktails and Ti' Punch. 

Old rum 

The old rums, which are kept in wooden barrels for several years, circulate in the fibre of the latter. It gives off a subtle woody note and more complex aromas, with vanilla flavours, and sometimes even notes of prune and chocolate.

As for the third type of Dillon rum, it is a range of planter and coconut punches that will deliciously perfume your apéritifs. Let's not forget the cane sugar to make tasty syrups.

Let yourself be tempted by the "grands crus" of the Dillon Rum Factory

Quality rum lovers, you've come to the right place! Dillon's rums are agricultural rums made from several varieties of sugar cane, grown right here. The rums thus elaborated are of an exceptional quality.

Taste the Carte Noire with its banana, coconut and prune aromas or the white rum in which you will recognize the flavours of honey, pineapple and cherry. And what about the 1988 vintage with its delicious taste of hazelnut, rose and tobacco, not forgetting the divine Grenadier which combines cocoa, cinnamon and liquorice? Many competitions, such as the Concours Général Agricole de Paris, have awarded prizes to several of them.

Taste and enjoy some of the best rums in Martinique! You will have quality and exceptional flavours.

Discover the rum making process at the Dillon Rum Factory, in the heart of the island. You will live an authentic adventure, discovering delicious flavours... from Martinique!

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