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The Sugar Factory and Distillery Le Galion

Museums in Trinité, Martinique

The Sugar Factory and Distillery Le Galion
The Sugar Factory and Distillery Le Galion
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Come and discover the Galion sugar factory, the last active sugar factory in Martinique.
It is located near the Caravelle peninsula in the commune of Trinité. It takes its name from the nearby Galion River, in reference to the ships that used to anchor at its mouth.

In modern times, the galleons used to get drinking water from this place in the north of the island. The Galion sugar factory, close to the seaside, specializes in the processing of sugar cane. Harvested between March and June, the cane is weighed as soon as it arrives at the factory, then washed, cut, crushed and processed. In our sugar factory, we produce cane sugar (brown sugar "Le Galion"). We also produce two types of agricultural rums.

In addition to the "Grand Fond Galion" rum, the Galion sugar refinery-distillery is best known for its "Grand Arôme" rum. This exclusive product, only produced in our Martinique distillery, is renowned for its powerful aroma. It is used in the food industry (candied fruit, ice cream) and in perfumery.

The history of the Galion sugar factory in Martinique

At the origin of the current exploitation: two contiguous sugar houses, the domains of "Galion" and "Grands-Fonds". In the 18th century, they belonged to the powerful Dubuc family and were already used to refine sugar for the main farms in Trinité.

In the 1850s, a merchant from Saint-Pierre, Eugène Eustache, acquired these two sugar houses. He then embarked on a real land concentration by buying the neighbouring lands. Around 1861, the new owner plans to create a modern sugar factory on the "Grands Fonds" estate.

In 1863-1864, the central steam factory was built on the present site, with a sugar factory and a distillery. Equipped by the famous Cail company, the factory was put into service in 1865. When Eugène Eustache died in 1883, Emile Bougenot, his son-in-law, became the new manager of the operation.

While continuing to buy new land, the company had to face a serious sugar crisis at the end of the 19th century. The sugar factory then faced up to the crisis and even returned to profit. In the twentieth century, the company again suffered crises that destroyed the cane sugar industry in the West Indies. While all the sugar factories in Martinique went bankrupt, the Galion sugar factory still survives today.

Visit the Galion sugar factory in Martinique

During your stay in Martinique or your visit to La Caravelle, let yourself be tempted by industrial tourism. Come and understand the secrets of sugar cane-based products!

During the sugar campaign only (i.e. during its period of activity), you can visit the Galion factory.

During the guided tour, discover the history of sugar cane and its exploitation in Martinique. Go back in time from the sugar house to the present central steam factory. In our video room, you will also learn how the sucrose contained in the stalk of the sugar cane is transformed into granulated sugar. In our "BOUTIK", discover (and taste!) the products of the Galion sugar factory.

You will find our raw or flavoured brown sugar (vanilla, lemon, cinnamon). You can also choose our syrups (like the battery syrup ideal for punch for example). Don't forget the production of our distillery: our rums "Grand Arôme" and "Grand Fond Galion".

You will also find in our shop other typical Creole products (liqueurs, jams...) as well as various souvenirs (mugs, magnets, t-shirts...).

Immerse yourself without hesitation in the history of this unique place, guardian of a whole culture, and succumb to a whirlwind of flavours!

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