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The Father Pinchon Museum

Museums in Fort de France, Martinique

The Father Pinchon Museum
The Father Pinchon Museum
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A museum dedicated to biodiversity

Take advantage of your stay on the island of flowers to visit the Father Pinchon Museum, dedicated to the fauna and flora of Martinique.

Located in Fort-de-France, this regional museum opened its doors in July 2018. Within a beautiful colonial building, it houses a collection of 10,000 pieces over an area of 460 m². Inspired by an old villa that stood on the site, its authentic architecture is worth a look.

Presentation of the collection and history of Father Pinchon

Treat yourself to a cultural interlude during your holiday in Fort-de-France. Discover the endemic species of the West Indian island. Birds, butterflies and other insects, reptiles, shells and marine specimens make up the naturalist collections of Father Pinchon.
The museum also houses several of his books. In October 1994, the Congregation of the Holy Spirit (of which Father Pinchon was a member) donated this precious collection to the Collectivité.

Born in 1913 in Seine-et-Marne, Robert Pinchon is one of the precursors of biodiversity. Passionate about the natural sciences, he also studied theology and philosophy. Consecrated a priest in 1939, he left for Martinique in 1945,

where he lived until his death in 1980 at the age of 67.

During his thirty-five years on the island of flowers, he recorded numerous animal specimens, including lizards, birds and fish. He also taught natural sciences in Fort-de-France, at the Séminaire Collège. Thus, he brought to many young people an immense knowledge of the scientific world.

Among the naturalized animals in the museum, you will find many endangered species. Many of them have unfortunately already disappeared. Also, the museum aims to raise the awareness of young and old alike. It has been able to highlight the rich and varied Caribbean biodiversity in order to encourage you to protect nature.

He reminds you that it is important to act against the disappearance of certain species. Moreover, you will be able to watch a projection on the mangrove and the damage caused by urbanization.

Visit the Father Pinchon Museum

Experience a unique and exciting immersion in the reserve of Father Pinchon. Through the exhibits, learn more about the life of the naturalist and the animal and plant species of Martinique. The Musée du père Pinchon is a place of scientific culture and discovery, open to all.

If you visit Martinique with your family, don't hesitate to go there with your children. They will be amazed by the 10,000 items on display. Moreover, this inventory, gleaned by Father Pinchon, is an excellent educational tool to make the youngest understand the importance of preserving the environment.

And to finish your visit, take a quiet walk through the park. Observe the trees and plants; take a look at the batrachian pond. In this soothing setting, you can also rest near a fountain.

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