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The Rum Museum
The Rum Museum
© Source of pictures: Abidal Turenne
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Located on the two floors of the old Saint-James mansion, the museum of rum in Martinique is a must-see. By visiting this museum, you will discover the techniques of sugar cane cultivation and distillation.

You will discover the methods of elaboration of this typical Caribbean and West Indian beverage. It is also an opportunity to learn the secrets of making and ageing rum by visiting the Saint-James distillery. The museum is historically located on the edge of Sainte-Marie, in the north-east of the island. A visit to the rum museum in Martinique is a must for any family holiday.

On the trail of the history of rum

It was during Christopher Columbus' voyage to the Americas that sugar cane was introduced to the surrounding islands. The first trace of rum distillation seems to date back to 1688 in Barbados. Rum then developed in the archipelagos of the region. Consumed for its medicinal virtues, rum quickly became an alcohol appreciated by residents and sailors.

The museum of rum in Martinique traces the history of this unique beverage by presenting the different regions of production. You will also be able to admire the manufacturing techniques and the different types of rum.

It's a real journey into the history of distillation and the cultivation of sugar cane that is offered to you. Photographic exhibitions, a collection of engravings, old bottles, it is a real heritage that is presented to you during the visit.

A fun, educational and cultural way to follow in the footsteps of the island's ancestors. These inhabitants who cultivated sugar cane. It's a family outing and an excellent way to show your children the reality of the slave trade and slavery of the time.

The visit of the rum museum in Martinique

The rum museum is housed in the former home of the plantation's master. With its two floors typical of colonial houses, it is already an immersion in history to discover it.

During the visit, you will also have the opportunity to discover the still museum with many models in perfect condition. From the Charentais still to the distillation column to the steam stills, discover real heritage treasures. In the basement of this building, you will find the vintage cellar of the Saint-James distillery. The latter is full of exceptional bottles with vintages over 150 years old.

You continue the visit by discovering the Saint-James distillery, the oldest still in activity in Martinique. For an even deeper immersion in the characteristics of this old plantation, you will board the little tourist train. The train winds its way through the heart of the sugar cane fields to the living room.

This old sugar factory in Sainte-Marie was founded at the very end of the 17th century. Along the way, you will discover the old equipment and tools used by the slaves and the farmers. All this equipment was used to crush the cane and extract the juice and sugar from the cane.

At the end of the visit, you have the possibility to taste some agricultural rums of the distillery. White rum, amber rum, dark rum, old rum or aged rum, there is something for everyone. A good way to take with you a souvenir of this wonderful discovery and of the emblematic drink of Martinique.

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