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The Bonneville Garden
The Bonneville Garden
© Source of pictures: Le Jardin de Bonneville
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If you are told that paradise is present on earth, do you believe it? Visit this true haven of peace, the Bonneville garden, and take the time to reconnect with nature. This unique place in Martinique will make you discover many species of fruit trees and flowers. Here is the information you need to know about this green setting.

The description of the garden

The Bonneville garden is a tree and flower garden, which means that it is full of different species of trees and flowers. The plots, meticulously laid out by the owners of the place, will make you discover porcelain roses, heliconias, queens of Malaysia... Your eyes will also rest on imposing trees such as baobabs or vanilla trees.

This garden located in Trinité calls for a stroll, without neglecting your curiosity. Prepare to have your senses awakened! An explosion of colours, smells and flavours awaits you. Specially designed for walking, the owners have laid out a path that stretches over 900 metres long. Finally, if you are passionate about discovering new species of plants, this place is definitely for you. You might even have the chance to taste some of the fruits generously offered by your guide. The cytherea plum and the combawa, to name but a few, will tickle your taste buds.

The history of the Bonneville garden

You like pretty stories? This one should please you, because it testifies that by dint of willpower, one always achieves results. The Bonneville Garden was not always what it is today.

In the past, it was more like a wasteland. Nature had taken over, but something was missing. The owners of this garden, Patrick and Sylviane Eugénia, inherited this large plot of 1.5 hectares in 1998. Their project? To transform this raw land into a rich and lush natural space.

So they rolled up their sleeves, keeping in mind what they wanted to build. The bamboo and vines disappear to make way for fruit trees and rare tropical plant species.

Ten years later, the work is finished. Patrick and Sylviane finally have their green paradise and open their garden to the public in 2007. All the curious are welcome!

The visit of the garden

A visit to the Bonneville Garden takes about two hours. This is a great activity to plan with family or friends for an afternoon. It is recommended not to arrive unannounced. We recommend that you call the owner to let her know you are coming. Generally speaking, it is the owners who show you around. There is nothing better than a guided tour with the people who are behind the project. You will be able to talk to them, ask them all the questions you want, and get a few anecdotes.

If this is a walk that allows you to clear your mind, don't forget that you will have to walk. Sneakers and comfortable clothes are therefore a must. Finally, you can hope to buy some of the little treats that the owners offer. The Bonneville garden is located in Trinité, in the Bonneville district. It is easily accessible by car.

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