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Paddle boarding activities in Martinique

Discover the best paddle activities to do in Martinique

On holiday in Martinique, but you don't know what to do with your free time on the beach? Opt for the paddle in Martinique. This nautical activity allows you to combine discovery, stroll on the sea and physical activity. Discover the different types of paddle activities available on the island and the benefits of this activity!

What is paddling? 

Paddling is a water sport that consists of standing on a paddle board or a board with a paddle. To move forward, you have to row with the paddle. The paddle board is similar to the surf board.

The paddle, quite thin but strong, is the main element to practice this activity. If your friends are not seduced by the paddle, do not worry! You can often combine paddling with many other activities on the water such as kayaking, jet skiing, etc.

The different types of paddle activities available in Martinique 

There are several types of paddle activities in Martinique. You can indulge in one of them depending on your desires or your desire to discover new practices.

Stand up paddle 

This is the most classic form of paddle. The stand up paddle will lead you to discover the islets and the surroundings on board a paddle board. This sport consists of standing on a board and rowing with a paddle at your own pace.

With this type of paddle, there is no need to put pressure on yourself. You move forward while enjoying the view and the softness of the sea. To be practiced in the morning, the stand-up paddle will give you the necessary energy to face the day in a good mood.

Paddle yoga 

Paddle yoga consists in doing yoga on a paddle board. In the middle of the water, you will indulge in a yoga session to relax, invigorate and recharge your batteries. Accessible to beginners, paddle yoga is practiced in an exceptional setting in Anses Arlet with Margaux.

Standing or sitting on your paddle board, you practice different postures of dynamic, soft or calm yoga. This practice implies a harmonious work of the body and the spirit. During a paddle yoga session, you will work your stabilizing muscles to find a better balance.

Step Paddle 

Instead of rowing, with the Step paddle, you will pedal. Your step paddle board has handlebars with a braking system, and pedals that will allow you to move forward on the water. Step paddle in Martinique is a dynamic activity, fast and which requires speed. It makes work all the muscles of the body and solicits strongly the legs and the thighs. This nautical activity will lead you to discover the famous Martinique creeks and unusual places along the beach of Anse!

Why paddle? 

Paddleboarding is a physical and sporting activity in its own right. You will gain many benefits by paddling in Martinique:

You strengthen your muscles: when you paddle, whether it's step, stand or dive, you work all your muscles. From the top of the body to the bottom, passing through the abdominal belt, all the muscles are solicited.

You go on an adventure, while combining sport and escape. Riding on the water is another way to get away from it all and discover the land from the water. It's a whole new dimension of discovery. But moreover, you reconnect with nature and enjoy a feeling of calm.

You discover the island of flowers on all aspects, seen from the water. Without necessarily moving away from the shore or the beach, you will discover many unusual spots, quiet places where it is good to stroll.

You share wonderful moments with your loved ones. Moreover, this water sport is a great way to have fun with your family, friends or colleagues. Besides, you can also organize your paddle excursion within the framework of birthdays, company committees, outings with friends or family holidays.

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