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Jet ski trips in Martinique

Join us in our discovery of the best jet ski spots on the island

Jet ski tours in Martinique are the favorite activity of vacationers and locals!
If you want thrills and speed in the middle of beautiful scenery, jet ski tours are what you need! Martinique is one of the most beautiful spots in the world to do it, so let yourself be tempted :)

Is it safe to jet ski in Martinique? 

Don't panic, the answer is obviously yes, and this, for several good reasons. 
First, Martinique is located in the waters of the Caribbean Sea. 

In this sea, warm waters adapted to a safe bathing because of the rarity of dangerous animals. 
 Indeed, sharks and other predators are blocked by the coral reef. The chances of encountering them are therefore extremely low. 

 Moreover, with a jet ski, you will not be able to sail within 300 meters of the coast, which guarantees that you will not hit any swimmer or yachtsman enjoying the beach.
Finally, your jet ski will be systematically equipped with safety equipment: life jackets, towing tools, emergency lights and an automatic circuit breaker in case your vehicle falls. 

 As night sailing is forbidden, you won't run the risk of hitting hidden reefs either!
So you can sail with peace of mind, without any fear. 

The best spots for jet skiing in Martinique 

You will find many exceptional spots all around the island for your jet ski trips. 

 In the south of Martinique, on the Cap Chevalier side, there are some very nice spots to discover! You can go sailing on the side of Sainte Luce to enjoy the magnificent turquoise waters, but you can also observe the bay of Le Marin, the largest marina in Martinique. On this spot, you can also see the Ilet Chevalier, located on the Atlantic side of the island. 

 Sailing around the Diamond Rock is almost a must if you discover the island! 

This is an excellent idea for a jet ski excursion. 

You will be able to observe the reflections that the light and water give it on its facets, seemingly carved by hand... Nearby and not to be missed, you can head towards Anses Arlets and its fishing villages. 

You can also discover Anse Noire and its sandy beach with a surprisingly dark color. 
 Nearby, you can even go sailing at the Cave of Mice... 

In the bay of Fort de France, in addition to the magnificent waters, you can if you wish go and discover the wild mangrove from the sea. This intriguing tropical forest, sometimes even disturbing thanks to its strange fauna and flora... 

Towards The François, in the bay, you will have the possibility of seeing one of the most unavoidable spots. It is a bay where the water is rarely deeper than one meter for several hundred meters after the shore. 

Admire a superb seaside landscape and an incredible marine fauna of diversity, forms and colors. An ideal spot if you wish to alternate between sea scooters and swimming!
In the north of Martinique is a spot a little less popular with tourists. 

In this spot, located not far from the town of Prêcheur, let yourself be tempted byAnse Couleuvre! Its wild aspect, the unobstructed view on the mount Pelée are unbelievable. 

But the biggest advantage is the possibility to go on an excursion to see dolphins! They love to swim in the waters of this part of the island, and there is nothing better than a water scooter to observe them up close! If you don't disturb them, maybe they will even come to greet you. 

Jet skiing in Martinique is an opportunity to see remarkable and extremely diverse landscapes. You will be able to see many human, fauna, flora, but also geological and marine aspects of the island. With so many beautiful spots, this is an opportunity not to be missed! 

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  • The islets of Fran√ßois
  • The islets of Robert

Martinique being a French territory, the legislation is the same as on all the coasts of the territory.
To rent a jet ski in Martinique and pilot it yourself, you must be at least 16 years old. 
To pilot a jet ski on inland waters, you must have a river license. At sea, you will need a coastal boating license.

Indeed, on the sea as well as inland waters, you will navigate with motor alongside non-motorized boats and boaters. You must therefore know all the rules of navigation in these areas...

But if you don't have these permits, don't panic! You can still enjoy jet skiing along the coast.
With or without a license, everything is possible, it's up to you to find the formula that suits you!

So that you can enjoy a jet ski excursion in Martinique, on all the coasts, the places of rent are numerous. 

It is on the south-east coast that they are the most represented, especially in Trois Ilets which has a large number of them. 

Sainte-Luce is not to be outdone and also offers you a large number of places to find your happiness. 

Still on the south coast, you will also easily find something to enjoy in Sainte-Anne and Le Marin as well as in Le Diamant and even, on the east coast, in Le Vauclin. 

The northern part of Martinique has far fewer places to rent than the southern part. However, you will still be able to find places to rent, both in the east and in the west. 
On the west side, Le Carbet will allow you to see the famous dolphins of the north of the island. On the east side, the recognized renters are rather located in La Trinité. 

 So, no matter which spot you want to visit, you will always find a provider nearby! 

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