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Kayaking in Martinique

The best kayaking trips in Martinique

Want to discover Martinique from another angle or from the sea? Discover one of the most popular activities for tourists and vacationers: Kayaking in Martinique is an activity to live a natural escape. It will make you discover the best spots of the island's coastline with breathtaking landscapes!

Kayaking in Martinique 

Martinique is one of the most beautiful escape islands in France. Sunshine almost all year round, exceptional landscapes and incredible spots await you for your next holiday. If you feel like going for a walk on the water, then a day of kayaking is just what you need.

Kayaking in Martinique is one of the most popular activities on the island. It will lead you to the discovery of many coasts inaccessible to large boats. To explore the most beautiful mangroves or to navigate between the islets of the coast, nothing is better than a canoe-kayak. Coral reefs, lagoons, mangroves and bays are waiting for you.

To enjoy a beautiful kayak ride in Martinique on the translucent waters of Martinique, choose to rent a kayak nature escape. You have the choice between getting a guide for the excursion or going on your own.

Best spots for kayaking in Martinique 

A day of kayaking in Martinique consists of discovering the most beautiful spots in the region. Among the idyllic places to discover are :

The Robert Islands 

On the east coast of the island, this is one of the most beautiful kayaking spots in Martinique. Discover the richness of the fauna and flora on the spot during a sea trip. Corals and starfish will sublimate your eyes with their brilliance. The excursion in the Robert Islands is suitable for young and old. It is ideal for the most adventurous.

The bay of mangroves 

In the heart of the Robert Islands, the mangrove bay will surprise you with its green nature. It offers a soothing setting far from the crowds of the big beaches. Little frequented, it will make you enjoy an authentic decor. In the middle of this turquoise water, enjoy the breeze of the light wind and let yourself float to the pink point Robert.

The Chancel and Grotto islands 

The Chancel and La Grotte islets are two islets that make up the Robert Islands. The Chancel islet shelters the ruins of the sugar house and its lime kiln. But its greatest treasure remains the iguanas which populate the island. The iguana delicatessima, an endemic species of the Lesser Antilles, looks like a small green dragon. Don't miss the islet of La Grotte and its white sand beach. It is the ideal place to rest after a long visit.

The Three Ilets and Genipa Bay 

This is a must-see tour for any kayak trip in the wild. The bay of Genipa presents the largest mangrove in Martinique. It has an incredible variety of fauna and flora that will leave you breathless.

Genipa Bay looks like a wild jungle enclosed between mangrove branches. Populated by insects, birds and crustaceans, it invites you to discover an almost intact nature. You will have the opportunity to discover many species of marine birds. The luckiest ones will be able to see crabs that intermingle between the mangrove branches. Easy to access, the bay is suitable for a family excursion.

The Bay of the English 

At the southern tip of the island, go and discover Anse Michel beach. An idyllic panorama of coconut trees awaits you. The whole of the Baie des Anglais beach is breathtaking. It is an easy spot to access by paddle kayak. Paddle to the Hardy Islet to see many species of birds that make their nests there.

Birdwatching enthusiasts will particularly appreciate this discovery on Anse Michel. To go further in the Baie des Anglais, discover the historical vestiges of Martinique. Here you will see lime kilns, sugar mills and various plantations.

In short, whether you are a beginner or an experienced kayaker, Martinique is the ideal destination for an unforgettable kayaking adventure. With its pristine waters and breathtaking scenery, it is a kayaker's paradise.

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