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Catamaran trips in Martinique

Discover the best catamaran trips to experience in Martinique

Are you ready for a unique experience at sea, on board a catamaran? Your catamaran trip in Martinique will never miss the Diamond Rock, the Fonds Blancs, the Perle du Nord or many other heavenly destinations. Discover these 5 must-see outings that will make each of your visits a timeless memory! 

The 5 best spots for a catamaran trip in Martinique 

The Pearl of the North 

Here is a pearl that really deserves its name when it comes to catamaran trips in the north of the island. Its natural park, with its countless seabirds, makes the Pearl of the North even more beautiful, of course. But it is especially the whales and dolphins that will - possibly - animate a good part of your maritime day.
Is this the end of your excursion? No, your catamaran adventure continues... 

Sail to Carbet, where a beautiful black sand beach and fresh water await you. Here, you will be the guests of the sea turtles, with whom you will probably swim, as long as they do not hide in the grass beds of their clear water.

You will also find clear water at Fond Giromon. It is a wild cove that constitutes your last stop in the Pearl of the North. But be warned, you will be faced with a dilemma: enjoy a relaxing swim or get carried away by the wonders of the wildlife... It's up to you! 

Explore the Îlets du Robert 

 Are you a fan of warm, crystal clear waters? The Îlets du Robert, with their white bottoms, the clarity of their water and the whiteness of the sand, are undoubtedly your destination. Your catamaran trip in Martinique will take you to the incredible beauty of the Atlantic coast. A day's ride in the emerald sea will make you discover a whole series of mostly uninhabited ilets: 

  • Îlet la Grotte: a meeting point between an anthropophilic flora and a natural pioneer flora; 
  • L'Îlet Petit Piton : it was born from a lava flow resulting from volcanism; 
  • L'Îlet Petit Vincent: a peninsula with a mangrove of which a part is inhabited and another one not inhabited; 
  • L'Îlet à Eau: a former swamp area, it is a paradoxically waterless islet; 
  • L'Îlet aux Rats: with its morphological aspect similar to that of a rat, it presents you with innumerable eroded cliffs... 

Do you have a baby or small children? They, too, will find their account in the Bassin du Trapèze. Not far from there you will find the Îlet Chancel (with its iguanas and its ruins)... Are you already tired after such an adventure?

Josephine's bathtub 

 Did the Empress Josephine bathe here one day? History does not say. However, legend has attributed her name to this natural pool of turquoise water. The site is one of the most famous in Martinique. It is located in the heart of the bay of François, known for its many islets with white bottoms. In practice, these islets are in the open sea, but you can swim there in peace. And for good reason, you can walk there! The Baignoire de Josephine is no exception, just like the neighbouring Ilet Oscar. This sandbank is home to a unique ecosystem and, more unusual, a colonial house transformed into a guesthouse.

You can also discover the nearby Thierry islet. This islet marks the starting point of the underwater snorkeling trail of the islets of François. Excursions in catamaran in small committee will take you from the marina of François to the bathtub of Josephine and its surroundings. As a bonus, you may be entitled to a rum tasting. For the more sporty, the site is also accessible by kayak.

You have finally relaxed ? Continue on to the Îlet Madame! From this natural beauty, you can observe the Îlet Loup Garou. You can finally end your sea trip in this small archipelago of Martinique that are the ilets of Robert.

The small coves of the southern Caribbean 

Aboard your catamaran, set off to discover the coral coves bordered by the countless coconut trees of the southern Caribbean. You will visit the large and small coves, the black cove with its ebony-coloured sand, the Dufour cove...

A unique opportunity to carry out a half-day aquatic activity to observe the seabed and the richly coloured underwater fauna. You will have at your disposal the necessary snorkeling equipment (mask and snorkels), safe and reliable.

With a bit of luck, you will be able to observe a sea turtle, especially in the large Anse d'Arlet.
Continue your walk in the sea in a warm and transparent water. A stroll punctuated by multiple stops that will allow you to invigorate yourself through safe swimming. You are indeed equipped with life jackets and floating chips to make your life easier.

The North Caribbean and its dolphins 

 You like dolphins and their company? An early departure awaits you for a catamaran trip in Martinique, off Bellefontaine. Be welcome in the world of these cetaceans, more precisely in their reproduction zone!

In the North Caribbean coast, you will certainly live one of the unforgettable moments of your life, provided that the dolphins are there. You will not fail to be marked by the incredible spectacle that these marine mammals deliver to you as endearing as fascinating.

Continue your cruise and disembark in Saint-Pierre. You have about an hour to visit the must-sees of this town: its folk market and the ruins of an old village damaged by Mount Pelee.
Re-embark for Carbet and Fond Boucher (coral reefs), where a relaxing swim awaits you. Here too, you will be provided with all the necessary equipment for a dream snorkeling trip.

The Diamond Rock 

Embark on your sailing catamaran and set sail for the Diamond Rock. This part of the Caribbean coast is the scene of a rare beauty both underwater and on land. Its coves of clear water allow you to swim as much as possible.

Spend a day with sea turtles and tropical fish and experience an unbelievable spectacle. Afterwards, watch the folkloric flight scenes of birds that you may never have seen in your life!
Your excursion continues on to Pointe Borgnèse where a well-deserved relaxation and an underwater hike await you. But first, you have a stopover for an anchorage at Grande Anse Arlet.

Catamaran rental in Martinique 

You hesitate to rent a catamaran in order to privatize your sea trip? Are you wondering about the criteria to keep in mind when renting this type of twin-engine boat - essential to the success of your cruise? Relax, because you will find the answers to your questions below.

Where to rent a catamaran in Martinique? 

Catamarans are part of the family of boats available in Martinique. They are intended for initiation or the practice of water sports. The particularity of the catamaran lies in its great stability, the safety it guarantees and the importance of its space. This outstanding boat is therefore popular as it is a popular rental option in Martinique. But where can you get one?
You can rent one at an anchorage. These types of boats are available everywhere on the beaches, not far from the coves and ilets of Martinique.

Who can rent a catamaran in Martinique? 

As a reminder, Martinique is an overseas department, which means that it is part of France. Therefore, to rent and practice boating (and this, according to the regulations in force), you must justify :

  • A coastal license to navigate for a dozen kilometers on the coast and inland waters; 
  • An offshore license to drive a motorboat; 
  • A proven experience to drive a sailboat... 
  • To call upon a professional skipper: 

Indeed, if you can't justify any of these requirements, you can rent a low-powered boat. If not, you have no other solution than to call on a professional skipper.

Where can you rent a catamaran on the island? 

Among the dozen or so harbors in Martinique, there are 5 that are marinas. Depending on your geographical position and as an illustration, you can rent an individual boat at the :

  • Port of Lamentin if you want to set sail from Fort-de-France or its surroundings; 
  • Port of François or Port of Robert if you are sailing from the west of Martinique; 
  • Port of Diamant or Marin for a stay in the south of the island. 

What to remember about catamaran excursions in Martinique 

For a catamaran trip in Martinique lasting one day or several days, you need a luxurious and comfortable catamaran. A multitude of destinations await you, including the Agoa marine sanctuary (a protected marine area for the benefit of cetaceans).

But it could be that you are not in good standing with the law to navigate and discover the richness of Martinique's land, sea and underwater resources. You must then rely on the command of a professional skipper who will take care of your unforgettable trip from start to finish.

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The best catamaran rides on the island are the following:

  • Josephine's Bathtub
  • The islets of François
  • The islets of Robert
  • The Pearl of the North
  • The small coves of the south of Martinique
  • The ratchet of Diamant

The best catamaran trips in the south of the island are :

  • The small coves of the south of Martinique
  • The rock of Diamant

Nothing better than a family catamaran excursion!

  • The islets of François
  • The islets of Robert
  • The Baignoire of Josephine
  • The Pearl of the North
  • The small coves of the south of Martinique
  • The ratchet of Diamant
  • The ratchet of Diamant
  • The islets of François
  • The islets of Robert
  • Josephine's Bathtub
  • The Pearl of the North

The best catamaran trips in the north of the island are

  • The Pearl of the North
  • Mooring in a cove along the northwest coast of the island (between Saint-Pierre and Case-Pilote)
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