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Relaxing excursions to the Baignoire de Josephine

Discover the best sea rides of the Baignoire de Josephine

If you decide to go on vacation in Martinique, you can't miss the Baignoire de Josephine, literally: Josephine's Bathtub. This white sandy shoal located in the south of the island, is nothing less than THE must-see for memorable souvenirs in Martinique.  

The bathtub is bordered by a shallow coral reef with incredibly clear water. Martinique has several white bottoms like this one and Baignoire de Josephine is one of the most famous. 

The Baignoire de Josephine is remarkable and surprises many tourists: placed in the open sea, the unusual place is very popular. The natural beauty that emerges is undeniable, and it welcomes many people. Tourists are curious to know the special feeling of swimming in such a place. You will bathe several hundred meters from the shore in a meter of transparent water with white sand. 

Why is it called "Baignoire de Josephine"?

The origin of the name of this place remains mysterious, some say that it comes from the empress Josephine who used to bathe there. It is also said that it was the name of a ship that regularly came to collect sand at this place. 


Others think that the name Josephine simply comes from the house that a contractor built on the islet Thierry. There is no lack of stories, and they are part of the mystery of the place.

Live a unique moment surrounded by white bottoms

Baignoire de Josephine is an unusual place that is very attractive to visitors. It allows you to swim in crystal clear water heated by the sun, protected from the cold ocean currents by its coral reef. When you go there, the catamaran trips that lead to the Josephine Bathtub include a detour to the islets that surround it. 

This is an opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful places on the island of flowers while having lunch on a boat before diving into the Atlantic. And most of the time you will be given a typical local rum cocktail before your swim.

Everything is thought to make you spend an unforgettable moment of relaxation. For some cocktails, you even have to rinse your mouth with seawater before drinking. In this way, you get the contrast of the salt water and the sweetness of the cocktail.

The sea excursions are by the day. Some of them include a visit to the mangrove, a tour of the islets of the bay of François... All this with a stop at the Josephine's Bath with its well known rum baptism. You can have lunch of local specialties and do water activities to end your day in beauty!

To enjoy the site of Baignoire de Josephine and its surroundings for some time, there are guest houses on the nearby islets. 

You can spend the night and extend the good time. You can enjoy your meals with a sublime view and create special moments at Baignoire de Josephine. Indeed, you will notice that the best is to access it during the week to bathe in peace. It is even possible to swim to the Baignoire de Joséphine while sleeping on site! 

In such a place where everything is heavenly, you will feel out of time, and you will spend a great holiday. You can do activities such as diving, the underwater view is indeed breathtaking! If you are a family, there are also specific activities planned for your children. Both young and old will be able to make the most of the adventure.

How to get to the Baignoire de Josephine?

It is impossible to reach the Baignoire de Joséphine by swimming from the island. The only way is to sleep in a guesthouse that offers special access to the site. 

Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, swimming there is too dangerous, especially because of the currents. Therefore, it is by boat that tourists reach the sandy shoal. 

Book a boat trip and an excursion will be included with a swimming break at Baignoire de Josephine. For the more adventurous, you can rent a kayak and go yourself! However, you should expect a fairly long trip that is not particularly easy. There are also sailboats here, so you can also go to the Bathtub by renting a boat. Take pictures, remember to protect yourself from the sun and enjoy the spectacular view! 


Tips for having the best time ever 

For those who prefer peace and quiet, prefer to rent a private catamaran. You will be able to fully enjoy the authentic tourist place and its surroundings in peace and quiet.

If, on the other hand, you want something organized and festive, there are plenty of excursions. To have the best time at Josephine's Bath, go during the week. Otherwise you can go early in the morning or late in the evening. Treat yourself to a pure moment of exclusive relaxation at one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Martinique.

If you can, go to the flower island yourself out of the busy tourist season. Martinique is sunny all year round, you just have to choose the right time! You will observe tropical fish, starfish and coral just a few meters away from you. Think of the mask and snorkel and explore the sea bed.

If you go to Martinique, the Baignoire de Josephine is a dream destination that will not disappoint you. Sleep on site, enjoy the activities, allow yourself some quiet time in the heart of the island, relax above all and explore the surroundings. It is a shame not to discover the other fabulous sites that the islets cover. Even a simple walk along the coast will be an experience you won't forget! 

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